Dog Adoption and Rescue Stories

Heartwarming stories of dog rescue and adoption.

Former Research Dogs Find Loving, Safe Haven

Kindness Ranch offers former research laboratory test animals across the nation a second chance at life.

Houston Dog Eescue Shields Vulnerable Puppies

It’s been said that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love. Even in the dog world, this truth holds fast. And yet, even a mother’s love can’t always save her puppies from a tragic end on the cruel streets or in dangerous circumstances.

Social Media Fuels Animal Shelter’s Outreach

Social media — it’s gone to the dogs. Literally. The Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center in Pittsburgh can attest to that.

Senior Dogs are Golden at Muttville

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco gives senior dogs a golden opportunity for a second chance.


Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation

Dog rescue organization gives refuge in a sea of unwanted dogs.

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

Shelters and rescues always have challenges finding homes for the dogs in their care. If a dog has vision problems – from blindness to partial sight – it’s even more of a challenge to find them a home

In Chicago, a fresh approach to shelters

PAWS stands for Pets Are Worth Saving, and not only does this shelter look completely different, but it also behaves in a completely different manner.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

This German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County has become one of the largest and most successful all-volunteer rescue groups in Southern California.

Dog Camp Comes To The Rescue

One special dog-oriented venue where the attendees not only vacation with their dogs, but also help dogs who are homeless.


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