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Blackie Nygood

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Blackie H. Nygood has been called “Blackie” since she was three days old, so do not bother asking how she signs checks. Born in the Beebe Hospital, Lewes, Del., her birth certificate, filled out and signed by Dr. James Beebe, said she was a boy. This was corrected officially 40 years later, much to the relief of her husband, Howard, and two sons. Blackie has lived all over the East Coast, but back now where she was born — in Sussex County, DE.

She went to Mary Washington College for two years, but ran away to get married — the first of a couple of BIG mistakes along that line. Her favorite quote is: “Marry your third husband first.”

Blackie had an Irish Setter as a child, but for the last 48-plus years has bred, shown, handled and judged Basset Hounds and Dachshunds, most of the time with her late husband, professional handler Howard Nygood. He, Alva Rosenberg and Percy Roberts were her teachers, mentors and friends.

The Nygoods belonged to and worked for many kennel clubs. Presently she is president of and AKC Delegate for the Mispillion Kennel Club. It is a good club with great members who support their club in every way. They are friends, dog “family” and appreciated beyond expression.

She’s never had a job she did not like, from ushering in uncle’s movie theatre ($.30 a night) to Lever Brothers mailroom ($34 a week) on Park Avenue, NYC, to public relations for Lentheric cosmetics (hey, a Fifth Avenue office!) at probably $60 weekly and onward and upward to selling Rootes Motors imported cars (back to Park Avenue), secretary at Bard College and two Connecticut Boards of Education. But the very best was working with Howard and all the different breeds of dogs he handled. He was just the best in every conceivable way and no further details necessary, OK?

Blackie has been writing articles ever since the Dwight Morrow High School newspaper, and for Dogs in Review for a few years — before that, Dog News and occasionally for the AKC Gazette. Loves to write but has to have a deadline (just ask Dogs in Review!) and maybe should be stuffier and more serious, but the dogs are the serious part and most dog people just hilarious in so many different ways.

She’s appreciative of comments, good or bad, on her writing, her judging and herself. Just leave her six Bassets out of it. They have good points and not-so good points; she can see them, but loves them all from 14-year-old Jenny to 10-month-old CJ. Her family, her life.

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