Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Zaire
AKC Group:Hound Group
UKC Group:Sighthound
Use today:Lure coursing
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Color:Chestnut red, pure black, tricolor (pure black and chestnut red), or brindle (black stripes on a background of chestnut red) with all white feet, chest and tail tip.
Coat:Short and fine.
Grooming:Brush weekly.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:16 to 17 inches at the shoulder
Weight:22 to 24 pounds

The Basenji is known as the barkless dog of central Africa, but the breed is far from silent. It makes a series of noises and a crowing sound that breed fanciers describe as a yodel. This hunting breed, classified as a sighthound, is valued for speedy, intelligent and silent workmanship. It can outsmart most creatures, a trait some people find a downright challenge to cope with in the home. Basenjis are not above trying to outwit the hand that feeds them. Begin training early to stay a step ahead of this dog. Basenjis are fastidious about personal cleanliness. They clean themselves much like cats do. Squarely built, Basenji males measure approximately 17 inches at the shoulder, females 1 inch less. Weight ranges from 22 to 24 pounds. The coat may be black, chestnut red, brindle or tri-color, all with distinctive markings. The coat is easily maintained with weekly brushing. Basenjis are excellent watchdogs and fit well into most homes or apartments, as long as they get plenty of daily exercise.


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