Belgian Sheepdog

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Belgium
AKC Group:Herding Group
Use today:Herding trials
Life Span:10 to 12 years
Grooming:Brush regularly to remove loose hair.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:Males measure up to 26 inches at the shoulder, females slightly less.
Weight:Male: 55-75 lbs, Female: 40-60 lbs

In its country of origin, the long-coated black Belgian Sheepdog is known as the Groenendael, named after the village where this variety of sheepdog was created. Smart and sensitive, the breed adapts well to family life. It's active and alert, and is an excellent worker in obedience. Males measure up to 26 inches at the shoulder, females slightly less. No particular grooming skills are needed to maintain the coat in top condition, but it does require frequent brushing to remove dead hair and keep the undercoat from matting. The breed has a high energy level and needs outdoor exercise and firm, consistent training. Like the Malinois, the Belgian Sheepdog does best in a large home with a yard.


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