Beagle | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | ada, MI

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Hi! My name is Schroeder. I am a Beagle from ada, MI

Nicknames: Well my full name is Schroeder sing the blues so I think thats pretty cool, but I always come if you call me schroedie
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/5/2008
Age: 8
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: My human sisters taught me everything I know! which is a lot! I did 4H with one and did extremely well!
My pet peeves: I hate water! I also hate it if my mom isn't around. I love the rest of my family, but my mom is also my best friend!
My hobbies: Eating Sleeping I love searching for things. My mom actually trained me to find things and once there was a lost dog and I picked up her scent and me and I found her a few roads over!! I got a pancake for that!!
My favorite hang out spot? My backyard, the creek (though I hate water). I also love the vet! I'm always excited when I go! I had back surgery when I was five, and now have cancer in my pancreas and its spreading through my body, so I visit frequently.. I'd rather be healthy when I go, but they take care of me very well
My favorite grub: Steak! hehe but I only get a bit if I get any at all(I'm on a stricked diet. I also love any food that spills and the first one there! hehe
My favorite treat: Anything bite sized. Marshmallows are in my top five!
My favorite tricks: playing dead speaking say please high five shake hide and seek I used to roll over and jump but I'm too old now
What I love about my owner: I was probably the craziest puppy until I was 3. And no matter what I did (tear up tables, carpets, toys, ect.. They never left me(I would get in trouble), but they always loved me.
Motto follow your nose, there is always somthing good at the end of your journey
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