Golden Retriever | MALE | 18 YEARS OLD | Secaucus, NJ

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Hi! My name is Paws. I am a Golden Retriever from Secaucus, NJ

Nicknames: Dewey
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/4/1998
Age: 18
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: My daddy and his girlfriend say I'm so smart they have to spell when they are talking about me because I know lots of, out, eat, walk, yard, queaker (my squeaky toys), baby (my fuzzy/squeaky toy)...etc. Daddy tells everyone I'm running for mayor because everyone I meet on the street I have to wag my tail and greet them...I love the attention. :)
My pet peeves: Don't touch my feet! Although my birthday is the 4th of July - who's idea was it that came up with fireworks? GGGRRRR and I dont like thunder. As big as I am when it thunders I try to hide behind my daddy in the recliner, then daddy hugs me to make me feel better until it goes away.
My hobbies: I love playing with my squeeky toys and my fuzzy toy that daddy calls "the baby" When I go to daddy's girlfriend's house she has a cat...I always play with his toys too. See my picture!
My favorite hang out spot? Under the front window next to the vent...keeps me cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
My favorite grub: Nutro
My favorite treat: Mother Hubbard's Cookies
My favorite tricks: Wave's bye bye
What I love about my owner: My daddy and his girlfriend take very special care of me. They take me to see my doctor when I'm not well, feed me special food because I have allergies and it makes me feel better. I also get bottled water they say it's better for me. They are so special to me I Love them very much. They even take me on car ride's to the bank, cleaners...etc. Car ride's are so much fun.
Motto Feed me, Walk me and Play with me!
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