† Angelica † R.I.P ♥Buffy

Golden Retriever | FEMALE | 20 YEARS OLD | manitowoc, WI

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: September 17, 2008


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† Angelica † R.I.P ♥Buffy

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Hi! My name is † Angelica † R.I.P ♥Buffy. I am a Golden Retriever from manitowoc, WI

Nicknames: Angelica:gELLY BELLY, gell gell, big gurl, little miss gellly, big golden bear {Harley} harles, harley boy, ankle bitter
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/22/1996
Age: 20
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: ::Angelica::she is the oldesr dog we have and also the most well behaved dog, well exept when my step dad bill pickes on somone then she snarels and goes after him!!

::Harley:: he has come a long ways sens he was beaten but now he is an angel
My pet peeves: {Angelica}nothen she luves all dogs an luves people!!!! she sleeps alot and other wise she is playing with mazey and maverick, she loves to run after them outside all day!!! {Harley}PEOPLE HITTING ANIAMLS I KNOW HOW IT WAS TO BE BEATEN!!!!
My hobbies: {Angelica}sleepen an runnen after the pupies!!!! she spends alot of her time chewing on bones or in the basment ware my step brother billy and my brother ryan sleep!!! {Harley}he loved to be by my side and play fetch and he just loved playing in the snow!!
My favorite hang out spot? {Angelica}behinde the chair or in the back yard all day ware its nice and breezy!!!! {Harley} ware ever my owner went i was there for her well bedsides when she went to school i hated that!!
My favorite grub: they both love and loved cheese
My favorite treat: they both love{ed} cheese
My favorite tricks: {Angelica}she knows how to sit shake, an also sit pretty!!!! {Harley} he knew how to sit, shake, laydown, playdead, rollover and speak
What I love about my owner: they are sooo kind to me and care so much abought me!!!
Motto (Angelica+Buffy Boa)*MARRIED* ♥ The peak of happiness. Rushing memories of your smile. No need to speak. Silence speaking for out emotions. Perfection of all the Imperfections. The Essence of your touch. Holding you in my arms. The true meaning of serenity ♥ ♥ angelica was the best dog ever she never bit anyone she was ever so perfect but we couldnt see her suffer anymore so we had 2 put her 2 sleep 3/9/10 i was there 2 see her go i thout it was the least i could do an if anyone has been theire to see there dog drift off into a sleep they will never wakeup 2 u know how hard it is 2 see them go through that but she looked so peacefull an happy † WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU ANGELICA!!! **WE ARE VERY SORRY BUT MOMMY DNT HAVE INTERNET FOR A WHILE WE HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO GET ON WITH SCHOOL EITHER AND SO WE FINALLY GOT ON AT MOMMIES UNCLES HOUSE TO TELL EVERYONE WE CNT GET ON MCUH TILL WE GET INTERNET WORKING AGAIN AT MOMMIES HOUSE**
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