Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 17 YEARS OLD | Winston Salem, NC

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Hi! My name is Gracie. I am a Mixed Breed from Winston Salem, NC

Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Miss Grace, CRAZY-GRACIE
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/24/1997
Age: 17
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Gracie is a former bait dog (for those of you blissfully not in the know...a bait dog is a dog that worthless good for nothing individuals throw into a dog fighting ring to get the fighing dogs all riled up!) She had overcame death! She is an AMAZING dog and if she could talk, oh the stories she would tell. Let's just say this girl's life really has been in "A Million Little Pieces" only her story is true and Oprah would win Sweeps and probably an Emmy with her on the show!
My pet peeves: As a result of her past life, Grace is funny about other dogs. She likes little dogs but large bully breeds bring out something in her that's less than nice.
My hobbies: Spending days in her new yard with her brother Roscoe. Chasing birds, squirrels, chimunks, bees, flies, and pretty much anything else that moves.
My favorite hang out spot? Gracie loves to hang out where ever her family is. She isnt picky. She does love the center of her mom's bed though.
My favorite grub: Gracie eats the Iams Premium Protection or just the Iams green bag. She, much like her brother Roscoe, loves the occasional cheeseburger.
My favorite treat: Gracie loves the little soft meaty treats that look llike little steaks. She is also a big fan of "lean treats"
My favorite tricks: Gracie likes to give you "high five"
What I love about my owner: She saved my life and she tells me that I have saved her's as well.
Motto I LOVE my family!
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