Shiba Inu | FEMALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Lincoln, NE

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Hi! My name is Foxy. I am a Shiba Inu from Lincoln, NE

Nicknames: "Bebe"
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/24/2001
Age: 13
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Foxy is very intellegent and picks up on words and objects very quickly. I have taught her names of the family such as: "daddy", "grandma", "the boys", and so on and she knows who to go to.
My pet peeves: Foxy does not like to have her feet touched. After playing in the mudd she has to have her feet wiped before she comes back in the house and screams the entire time.
My hobbies: Foxy enjoys chasing her laser pointer and playing with her brother Kuma. She loves to play soccer outside. She has learned how to push the ball around and if you get too close she will pick it up and run. If it is thrown in the air she will let it bounce once and hit it back up into the air with her nose.
My favorite hang out spot? She enjoys laying in front of the space heater. We have to watch her when it is on because she tends to want to be too close to it.
My favorite grub: She loves ice cream, she gets excited over the word "ice cream".
My favorite treat: Foxy's favorite treat is her dog cookies.
My favorite tricks: Foxy responds to the phrase "tell me what you want", which is usually a high pitched bark or a howl.
What I love about my owner: She loves to be talked to and to be included or "to help" around the house. She loves constant attention and is always competing with Kuma for attention.
Motto "I don't have to if I don't want to".
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