Beagle | MALE | 18 YEARS OLD | Springfield, VA

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Hi! My name is Rusty. I am a Beagle from Springfield, VA

Nicknames: Rusty Dusty Dog, Rust Bucket, Bucket
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/1/1998
Age: 18
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I am the leader of my new pack.Mom found out I am very obedient now that I am comfortable in my new home. I've stopped trying to get out the door when Mom tells me to stay! (This is real progress)
My pet peeves: Mom should never, ever, ever leave the house without me!I really don't want to be in my crate and if I feel crowded I get upset and growl.
My hobbies: sleeping (under the covers), sniffing, tracking and notifying everyone with my beeyoutiful rusty bugle that I found something!, ... teaching my new "little" brother, Sam neat tricks like turning over the food bin or trash can to get the cool snacks inside...
My favorite hang out spot? Under the covers, on the couch or anywhere I can look out a window!
My favorite grub: Whatever is available...or not... but I eat Natural Choice Lamb & Rice small breed and all the treats I can get!
My favorite treat: Hmmmm....anything edible...or not if it came out of the trash can...(see chocolate incident that almost killed mee...)
My favorite tricks: Climbing for food. (but I got really sick when I climbed 3 pieces of furniture to get to a sealed box of dark chocolate.) I used to be able to go through the cat door but Dad blocked it to keep me out of trouble. I fit on the window ledges! - Very Cool!
What I love about my owner: They are very, very, very, patient with me. Mom is for food, discipline and cuddles- I'm her favorite!. Dad is great at leadership and playtime!
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