Mixed Breed | MALE | 10 YEARS OLD | Church Hill, TN

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My owner just created a new home page for me.


About Me

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Hi! My name is Riley. I am a Mixed Breed from Church Hill, TN

Nicknames: Trouble :)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/6/2006
Age: 10
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I won best pet overall at the PetSmart Celebration a few years ago. I won best hand shake and best overall. I charmed all the judges, it really is my talent. I am completely potty trained. I was lucky my owner was home with me all summer, and I never mess in the house -- ever. I also learned that I need to be quiet if I want to get out of the cage, a necessary thing when I used to cry being in the cage. My owner says I'm a sweetheart and so very smart.
My pet peeves: Taking pictures of me too much. My owner was leaving for college and she wanted to take photos of me. I got so annoyed and the facial expression I made was amazing; it is her favorite photo. Also blowing in my ear, or touching my feet.
My hobbies: Taking toys from my toy box, and making people play with me. I love to play. I only get sad if you don't. If I can't get your attention, I will go get something of yours and bring it to you, then run away with it. I love to go outside and bark at the school children and the school buses.
My favorite hang out spot? Beneath my Grandpa's feet.
My favorite grub: Anything, preferably meat.
My favorite treat: Pupperoni and milkbones
My favorite tricks: Speak (also known as what's your name? or Tell me you love me) he mimics the syllables. He loves jumping through the hula hoop, shaking hands, rolling over, high five, dancing, lay down, and sit of course.
What I love about my owner: When she comes home from school. I tackle her to the ground for kisses and wrestling.
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