Basset Hound | FEMALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Tomahawk, WI

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Hi! My name is Marly. I am a Basset Hound from Tomahawk, WI

Nicknames: Marly Bug, Mar Mar, Bugsy
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/25/2008
Age: 8
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Well Marly is 7 months old and I taught her how to sit, stay, and comein one day... she has not completed training yet but she is well on her way!:) I am going to show her in the fair next year though... wish us luck!!:)
My pet peeves: My dogs pet peeves are when I have to go to school, and sqeeky toys.. I dont know why but she will not play with a toy if it sqeeks... weird ha.
My hobbies: My dogs hobbies are eating, sleeping, playing, daily walk.... repeat.
My favorite hang out spot? My dogs favorite hang out spots are in the barn... she always comes with me out there and sits with me will I do the chores.. and at the local dog park.. she loves to play with others..:)
My favorite grub: My dogs favorite grub is... Iams puppy chow and Canine Carry outs... or anything that hits the floor.
My favorite treat: My dogs favorite treat is Canine carry outs especially the chicken flavored... or anything else she can get her paws on..
My favorite tricks: My dogs favorite trick is sleeping.. she has a very short attention span.. but thats what I hear about most Basset Hounds. lol:)
What I love about my owner: I love my owner because she never forgets our morning walk or to put on my coat when its cold... When it is in her will she never leaves me behind.. she even offered to sneek me into her back pack!!!! She spoils me and always remembers that I am still a puppy and never yells at me when I have an accident...And she never forgets to bring me to Petco to pick out a treat every saturday...:)
Motto When the going gets tough....Sleep on it!
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