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*Isabeau Ella-Marie LUVS Punto *dotd 8-12*

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Hi! My name is *Isabeau Ella-Marie LUVS Punto *dotd 8-12*. I am a Chihuahua from Parkersburg, WV

Nicknames: cutie, tinker, squirrel & frog dog (she lays flat like one) sometimes Daddy teases her & calls her a weasel - course she knows he doesn't mean it, also silly goose & fruit loop.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 10/26/2007
Age: 7
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: I'm going to be in a book called Top Dogs of 2008. Mommy entered my picture & they contacted her back. (I'm excited for her) ***thanks 2 all my friends new & old 4 helping me get my DOTD badge 0n 8-12-09, it is truely an honor & i'm so proud of it. i couldnt have done it without all ur help. THANK U SO MUCH! it means the world to me!***
My pet peeves: I don't like high pitched noises, ex: smoke detectors, things that have a piercing sound or Bubby's thingy that goes off (he's a vol. fireman) (can't really blame her, they hurt my ears too)***ALSO - ***i dont like it when a Chihuahua or his/her owner thinks they are or have a "teacup" Chi. (there is no such thing, look it up!) Chihuahua's are the smallest breed of dog - we r the smallest! (therefore, there is no, "teacup" size) AKC says so, sorry. PS: anyone lookin' 2 purchase a Chi - if the breeder tells u they have "teacups" - they're tryin' 2 get more money out of you, because a lot of humans want a "small" dog. also, no color is rare - we come in all different types of colors. from all one color, 2 a multitude of colors & if the breeder says "oh yeah, that's a rare color", again, they are tryin' 2 get more money for u. there, i've said my peace & mommy totally agrees with me.*** we r just tryin' 2 educate & be helpful :)
My hobbies: I love to bask in the sunshine & play with "sissy" Doucie. I love to run around the house, really fast, with my squeaky hotdog in my mouth & everytime I take a step, my hotdog sqeaks, hee hee! (it's way too cute!) ALSO: ***any of my pals, chi or other, wanna chat - they can reach me in myspace.com/ PrincessIsabeau or on Dogbook under Isabeau Ella-Marie Carpenter or under Isabeau Ella-Marie on zootoo.com - its just a place 2 look at pics or videos. also, mommy made my very own email account up. it's carpiecarp@yahoo.com
My favorite hang out spot? I love going over to Grama & Grampa's & seeing my best friend Annie, the 125lb Akita. (she's real sweet to me & very gentle) Me & Douc like the sunshine but what chi doesnt? We like the front room 'cause it's got a lot of sunrays that flow thru & we have our own couch, well, this is our house, everything is ours, right?
My favorite grub: Anything on any humans plate :) i love my veggies & chicken & well, u name it - i love it!
My favorite treat: Pig ears & crunchy snacks we call "peanuts" & all kinds of goodies like chicken, greenbeans, peas, brocoli, u name it - i like it....mmmmmm!
My favorite tricks: sitting pretty - Mommy says that i'm so adorable when i do that & grama gets such a kick outta my antics, she cant resist givin' me something as soon as she sees me sit like that! i have them right in my lil' paw!
What I love about my owner: I love everyone but Mommy really spoils me! She loves snuggling with me & givin' me kisses & lovin' & more kises & lovin'. I love it when she rubs my belly, sometimes I will just fall over, waiting 4 her 2 rub me. She buys me outfits all the time & makes sure I'm warm & lets me cuddle w/her under the covers and I LOVE to give kisses! I love Daddy 'cause he's always warm & snuggly & plays with me. I love Bubby too, he is nice & he plays with me but he doesn't like to share his food- like other humans and that's just not right, is it?
Motto It's a good day if you can lay in a sunbeam ;) I just love the warmth of the rays. PS: I LOVE U PUNTO!!!!! just 1 look at u'r pic & u bring a smile 2 my face. I'm so glad I met u - well, u know what I mean. giggle.
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