Dachshund, Miniature | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Leesburg, FL

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Hi! My name is Roscoe. I am a Dachshund, Miniature from Leesburg, FL

Nicknames: We have a couple names for him: Roscoe Beagle-Train, Beage.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/12/2007
Age: 8
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: M
Education: He hasn't been through any formal training or acheived anything really. He's still in that puppy stage. Still chews our pillows when were not looking. Rough houses with our new kitten, Harlee. Tries to rough house with our Min PIn, Roxie, whos 6 years old. But she ain't having none of that stuff.
My pet peeves: He doesn't like you to touch his tail eith, he'll bite, but not put any pressure to it. Now he's not dog friendly either.
My hobbies: He does everything a puppy should do during the day. Plays with the other animals in our house, the kids, and gets realllllllly excited when people come home. He is like Tigger with springs in his paws. Hes a HUGE bouncer and jumper.
My favorite hang out spot? Its usually doing his dirty buisness in one of my kids bedrooms, when he just came in from outside. He knows better! Then theres playing with our kitten, Harlee.
My favorite grub: He likes any kind of treat and his doggie grub.
My favorite treat: ANYTHING thats edible.
My favorite tricks: Bouncing????? Thats all he does! LOL!!
What I love about my owner: I love that my owner takes me and my half-sister Roxie to work with her alot and she feeds me and waters me and cuddles me and gets me groomed.
Motto I'm so darn specail!!! My Mommy is so tricked!!!!
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