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Small Dog Club

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Hi! My name is Small Dog Club. I am a Mixed Breed from Frozen Tundra, WI

Nicknames: The club is known as SDC or Small Dog Club. The names Small Dog Club, Small Dogs Club, and Small Dogz Club, belong to this page. Same with adding any names to the name Small Dog Club, (Peanut's Small Dog(s/z) Club etc.), and any similar names, to avoid confusion. Also please do not copy information off of our page, either exact or with changes, or copy really anything on our page, including things our members post, without asking/crediting our page. We are an original club. Thank you."Small Dogs" By: Missi (126407)Small dogs from far and near! Come over and hear this cheer, Peanut is very pawsome and sweet, Being a member sure is a treat!!'
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/8/2009
Age: 7
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: M
Education: The Small Dog Club has over 100 members, earned 1,000 votes 06/07/11 from Kyler, the Small Dog Club© won DOTD July 1st 2009, we've been on DC for over 3 years,
and I think that we have some of the best members EVER!!
My pet peeves: ***RULES*** 1. If you have ever been deleted off of DC, please don't ask to join until you've been back for at least 5 months with appropriate behavior. 2. No bullying, being mean/rude, lying/cheating to anyone in our outside of the club. 3. Fake/Virtual dogs are not allowed if they are here just for "dating" and IMing their friends, or if they have "real" siblings, unless, they have permission to use the picture from the owner (this is part of DC's rules). We want dogs here to be friends and have a better time on DC. If you have a virtual dog here because you don't/can't own a real dog, you are welcome to join. Angel dogs are always welcome!4. Your dog qualifies as a "small" dog if (s)he is 35 lbs. or less.Thank you for reading :) We just want to be here and have FUN!
My hobbies: *****SMALL DOG CLUB MEMBERS CONT'D*****King Tut (181402), Joey (134316), Tillie (184021), Angel Boots (137360), Magenta (137240), Cheno (181473), Dusty (181343), Tito (181472), Chico (181468), Roxie (138773), Lexi (184866), Izzy (188000), Trixie (153335), Hope (194678), Libby (188158), Nellie (191806), Cotton (203511), Ellie (202896), Misty (146314), Kyler (208134), Scruffy (209166), Punkie Paw (209558), Jackieo (209974), Ellie (202896), Jasper (211235), Bud (202895), Kaiah (175386), Stormie (214000), Casper (205952), Bella (216234), Macho (173638), Chiquito (183063), Lilly (204561), Arial (225615).147.
My favorite hang out spot? Here, at the Small Dogs Club, where else?~SDC BIRTHDAYS~January:1st Rodeo 147133 3rd Missi 126407 and Amanda 549734th Cotton 1454886th Scooby 14575710th Molli 14156511th Doc 13621314th Pokey 6990718th Itty Bitty 3922721st Angel Twinky 4272528th FuChin 2716829th Angel Tokyo 132133 and Princess 142636 February:3rd Dulce 1368327th Chispita 123763 and Harley 5497321st Oscar 70195 March:12th Scrappy 14404323rd Coco 148747 and Nala 3763126th Delanie 135913 April:1st BabyBoo 1376432nd Peanut Marie 37824 and Angel Diamond 12142015th Angel Sidney 13430517th Nonnie 137640 and Maci 14404018th Gus 15209320th Cassidy 76521, Bella 144071 and Punto 11751825th Sasha 14728329th Terra 34284 May:1st Kinzie 1445732nd Sophie 980736th Cricket 1427137th Sally 13881215th Bella 115377 June:1st Little Bit 13732213th Rosie 11320521st LilyOY 2915328th Valentino 144946 July:2nd Rip 1454914th Diesel 13111813th Muffin 11789917th Angel Keely 2429721st Alby 147599 August:1st Candy 1452537th Belle 13140927th Buddy 15264731st Jasper 180538 September:3rd Lobo 427206th Daisy 1420987th Jordyn 12443213th Merlin 101529 October:10th Princess Hermoine 24294 and Kinsey 522616th Tucker 14074821st Penny 2031 November:6th Bandit 649459th Tara 14110710th Ally 16721411th Gaby 12116315th Charlie 2429516th Daisy 118235, Ozzy 128926, and Scamp 11136222nd Sam 13995328 Peanut 117756 December:1st Angel Kika 1144443rd Angel Marley8th Koko 14774210th Koda 10930112th Princess 105040Please blog us if you're not on the list.
My favorite grub:
My favorite treat:
My favorite tricks: *HOW TO WIN SDOTM* SDOTM is won by the dog who received the most amount of votes in a month. Anyone on DC can vote for a SDOTM, but the winner must be a member of the club. Each account has 1 vote per day. Dogs can run a "campaign" for SDOTM. If you win, you have your name featured on our page and a winners photo made. If you have questions/want more details about SDOTM, just ask! :) *HOW TO WIN SDOTW*SDOTW is a random contest. One dog is selected randomly each week on Sunday. There will be a list kept on the page with the most recent winners.
What I love about my owner: *****SDC MEMBERS*****PEANUT CLUB PRESIDENT (117756/117943), MUFFIN CLUB VICE PRESIDENT (117899), Peanut Marie Club Author (37824), Punto (117518), Daisy Club Member Gatherer and Picture Maker (118235), Koda (109301), Ally Mally (119109), Lobo (42720), Angel Twinky (42725), Angel Roscoe (90283), Penny (2031), Angel Marley (130161), Angel Tokyo Club Secratary (132133), Sophie (98073), Bella (115377), Butler (125777), Missi Small Dog Club Offical Chicken Chaser (126407), Diesel Club Welcome Committee Team Member (131118), Ozzy Club Welcome Committee Member (128926), Scamp Club Welcome Committee Member (111362), Delanie (135913), Doc (136213), Chispita (123763), Pokey Club Artist (69907), Dulce Club Sports Coach (136832), Toby (136534), Oscar (70195), Jordyn Club Explorer (124432), Nonnie (137640), Angel Sidney Club Cuddle Pup (134305), Terra (34284), FuChin (27168), IttyBitty (39227), LilyOY Club Hairdresser (29153), BabyBoo (137643), Cassidy (76521), Croce Club Party Planner (64447), Bandit (64945), Sally (138812), Daisy (142098), Lilee (142111), Bibi (142111), Princess (142636), Candy (142713), Cricket (142713), Jessie (141477), Lilah (141477), Lola (141477), Sasha (141477), Kapu (142893), Robbie (142893), Zoro (142893), Bandit (142893), Lucas (142843), Haley (134316), Joey (134316), Tanner (134316), Tucker (140748), Tara (141107), Candy Club Welcome Committee Member (145253), Bella (144071), Angel Keely Fiona (24297), Charlie Rogers (24295), Princess Hermoine (24294), Kinsey (5226), Leo (5936), Benji Club Welcome Committee Member (146369), Ezri Club Welcome Committee Member (146369), Bucklee (64447), Brandy, Kinzie Club Reporter (144573), Valentino Club Welcome Committee (144946), Amanda (54973), Harley (54873), Pongo (165429), Gabriella Michelle (121163), Coco (148747), Rip (145491), Cotton (145488), Romeo (148419), Jewels (148419), Molli (141565), Maci (144040), Scrappy (144043), Rosie (113205), Angel Kika (114444), Sam (139953), Rodeo (147133), Sasha (147283), Princess (105040), Belle (131409), Nala (37631), Gus (152093), Buddy (152647), Koko (147742), Alby (147599), Little Bit (137322), Pepper (163705), Angel Diamond (121420), Merlin (101529) Scooby (145757), Duncan (18686), Woody (170980), Belle (168109), Baxter (166*54), Macho (173638), Maggie (174186), Pacho (183063), Riley (174164), Tootie (67978), Mickey (67978), Bonita (67978), Taz (67978).
Motto ~*~ It's a Small Dog wouldn't understand ~*~ By Kyler 208134Please stop by occasionally to see what is going on at the club. We update our members through our monthly newsletters and mini-updates, all posted in blogs on our page.
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