Beagle | MALE | 7 YEARS OLD | Murrysville, PA

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Hi! My name is Pekoe. I am a Beagle from Murrysville, PA

Nicknames: Lover Boy or "Osama Bin Beagle." (Yup, my folks think this is funny. Ha ha. What's the big deal if I steal something when their backs' are turned?) Pumpkin head. Buzzer. Baby face. Scrappy. Bubba head. Thief.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/7/2008
Age: 7
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Pekoe has completed his first two puppy-level training classes. He will be taking CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) soon, so that he can visit retirement villages, rehab facilities, and hospitals, etc. His thievery!
My pet peeves: Being left alone in mom's or dad's car. Being left at home in my bedroom. (Yup, they've got a BIG house.) Being ignored. Mommy/daddy putting something up off the floor; aka, not being able to steal soemthing!
My hobbies: Thievery! (Please note mention of "Osama Bin Beagle.") Playing with other dogs. Sitting with mommy/daddy on the couch. More thievery!
My favorite hang out spot? ANYWHERE his mommy is hanging out. If mommy isn't home, hanging out with daddy, since he works at home. Anywhere I can steal something.
My favorite grub: Innova Adult Large Bites. Stealing other dog's food.
My favorite treat: Anything mom and dad are eating. Oh, so that's why they hook me up to a stationary lead when they're eating. Anything frozen. To steal things.
My favorite tricks: Shake hands/paws. "Get it" and "Come!" Thievery!
What I love about my owner: They think everything I do is "CUTE." Well, it IS! They are always looking out for my best interests, like taking me for two walks every day and chauffeuring me to Puppy Camp once or twice a week. If I have an accident, they don't make ME clean it up. They simply clean it up and let me go out into the backyard to "finish my business." They've also become more accepting of my "thieving" ways!
Motto "When ya want something, a fine WHINE works best."
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