Spunky Punky ~ Mom Barb Passed Away 11-27-2011

Australian Shepherd | FEMALE | 29 YEARS OLD | Eugene, OR

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Since my owner (Barbara) had gone to her Forever Sleep on 11/27/2011, her Cousin (Lillian ~ Carly Knight's #11000 mom) does Barb's accounts once a month so the points aren't lost.


Spunky Punky ~ Mom Barb Passed Away 11-27-2011

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Hi! My name is Spunky Punky ~ Mom Barb Passed Away 11-27-2011. I am an Australian Shepherd from Eugene, OR

Nicknames: None she was cute enough August 1, 1987-August 15, 2001
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/1/1987
Age: 29
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She was never fooled twice.When she needed to go for a walk she would go look at her leash.
My pet peeves: don't push my face in my food. Gramma only did it once.
My hobbies: Getting loose and have my humans TRY to outsmart me to catch me.
My favorite hang out spot? on Gramma bed or in the living room with my humans.
My favorite grub: All human and cat food
My favorite treat: All human food.
My favorite tricks: Have a human throw my sock for me to go get it.
What I love about my owner: She adopted me and took me home with her. I trained mom real fast to do every thing for me.
Motto I rule
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