German Shorthaired Pointer | MALE | 15 YEARS OLD | New Orleans, LA

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Hi! My name is Imus. I am a German Shorthaired Pointer from New Orleans, LA

Nicknames: Buddy,dad says i have some more but i'd rather not put them on here.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/1/2001
Age: 15
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: The day he listens to me I will be proud. Haha
My pet peeves: When people take my tennis ball away!!!!! When people dont pay attention to me. When i dont get covered with a blanket at sleepy times.
My hobbies: Playing ball, chasing squirrels and getting on everyones nerves. Also annoying my best friend Josie (i know she loves me though). I like to dress up too cause I know it draws even more attention to me!
My favorite hang out spot? Anywhere I'm not supposed to be. But really on my mas lap, she keeps telling me i'm too big but i just don't see it.
My favorite grub: BUTTER!!!! but i'm not allowed to have it. I jump up and steal at times when people aren't looking.
My favorite treat: EVERYTHING!
My favorite tricks: Barking at everything, and stealing food (even the birds food),watching grill tv at my grammas.
What I love about my owner: She is the only one who can put up with me, she lets me sit on her lap even though i am way toooo big. She spoils me rotten and gives me lots of tennis balls and attention. I love my dad too cause even though my hair really bothers his nose he still spends time with me. Sometimes he even lets me sit with him!
Motto It was Josie. Birthday: April 1st (yes that's right fools day)
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