Australian Shepherd | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | loveland, OH

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Hi! My name is esther. I am an Australian Shepherd from loveland, OH

Nicknames: fatty, bubu, baby girl.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/22/2005
Age: 11
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I do 4-h and it's fun!:D I am really good at tricks and my mommy is so proud of me:p
My pet peeves: not getting food when I want it, not being aloud on furniture, and the cat.
My hobbies: agility training, sleeping, eating, doing tricks, hanging with my peeps, and goofing off with my mommy.
My favorite hang out spot? the couch- when I can manage to sneak up on it without my mommy catching me.
My favorite grub: anything that can be mistaken for food.
My favorite treat: anything I can get my paws on.
My favorite tricks: sit, stay, recall, down, jump, walk, crawl, take it, drop it, leave it, finish, by me, watch me, beg, shake, shake left or right paw on command, come, play dead, speak in loud or whisper, up, dance, fetch, roll over, through, over, drop(a fast down), slow, halt, heel, tunnel, weave, target.
What I love about my owner: I love my mommy because she takes great care of me and gives me lots of toys, but she also looks out for my own good and keeps me out of trouble- even though I don't always want to listen to her, when I do she praises me and gives me treats.
Motto to eat everything in my path. also to help the cat rule the world.
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