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thank you all for the birthday wishes! love you♥


Missi Mae

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Hi! My name is Missi Mae. I am a Mixed Breed from West Gardiner, ME

Nicknames: .Her Full name is Missi Mae, but we mostly just call her Missi.Miss Missi, Little Missi, Baby, Cutie Pie, Punkin, Little Baby, Mama's baby, Cutie Patootie, Angel Cakes, (sometimes) Love Muffin, Snow Angel, Beautiful, Sweetie, Sweetheart, Darling, Punky, Peek-a-boo Baby, Banana Baby ..
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/3/2009
Age: 7
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: .
For one-word commands, she knows "Come" and "Sit", but she knows more phrases than actual commands. For example, she knows "C'mon Up", "Go Find Your Mommy", "Where's Your Uncle", "Let's Go Check On The Chickens", etc. She was never taught these phrases, either!

Missi did very well on her first halloween, we dressed her up as a nurse and she was very polite to everyone :)

.1ST Dog Of The Day: 01/03/10
.2ND Dog Of The Day: 01/26/11
.3RD Dog Of The Day: 04/06/12

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My pet peeves: Getting her nails trimmed, or getting her flea drops on.
My hobbies: .She enjoys being the family look out, hanging out with the family, playing with Butler and Ruby, feeling the wind in her hair as she sits in a breeze, snoozing on the chair or couch, or in the Winter by the stove, napping in the cupboard in the bathroom, playing with pillow stuffing ...
My favorite hang out spot? .Her "Look Out Stool", the bowl chair, the couch, the bathroom cupboard, the porch.
My favorite grub: .She used to eat raw food, because commercial brands like Purina and Iams upset her stomach, made her throw up and be sick for at least a day. That's when we moved on to raw food, but it was a lot of work, so we kept searching for a good kibble brand. Finally we found Solid Gold Dog Food, which is what she eats now.
My favorite treat: for treats, she likes cheese, peanut butter and meat (not in that order!!)
My favorite tricks: For tricks, she doesn't really have any
What I love about my owner: ."I love her because she loves me!"
Motto .My Motto: "Live to Love and Love to Live"
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