Golden Retriever | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | fortville, IN

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Hi! My name is Hoosier. I am a Golden Retriever from fortville, IN

Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/12/2003
Age: 11
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Hi, I'm Hoosier. I am proud to report that I have completed novice training and Have since been enrolled in an Annual advanced obedience class. In 2004 at only one year of age, I passed my CGC(Canine Good citizen) test with flying colors.
My pet peeves: I don't really like to be left alone and I especially hate to be excluded from any family activities. My owner understands, and with a chuckle always says, "Typical golden, but I wouldn't have you any other way!" I also don't like when my birth mommy or younger adopted sisetr try to steal my toys- they just don't seem to understand that they are MINE!
My hobbies: My most favoritest activity is agility. I can easily jump three feet and have no problem flying my way through the weave poles. The teeter totter, a-frame, and dogwalk give me no trouble and my owner is thinking about competing through 4-h this coming spring-I'm phsyced!
My favorite hang out spot? I love to hang out with my owner in her room. And I love to snuggle up with her in OUR bed at night.
My favorite grub: I love anything with peanut butter.. yummy.
My favorite treat: I love any treats-no joke!
My favorite tricks: I love to do any kinds of tricks, and know most obedience. Though, right now I'm working at my fire safety skills. My owner says that those are very important. I'm having a bit of trouble with crawl-Ihave a tendency to stick my butt in the air. But I'm the queen at stop, drop and roll. I'm not sure these are so important, but mommy says that they may save my life someday, so I'm workin' at them!
What I love about my owner: I love how my owner understands me. She knows what I like and she makes sure I'm happy. She also doesn't mind my annoying habits, such as panting in my owner's face all night long. I also love how many fun activities I do everyweek. I love going to obedience and Agility class at the training center every week!
Motto A doggy kiss cures any problem!
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