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Hi! My name is Honey. I am an Akita from Orlando, FL

Nicknames: Honey always knows when I am talking to her. She'll answer to many of her pet names, including: Sweetheart, Pooh bear, Chew chew, Sha sha, Paw paws, Pinky, Moo moo, Mommy, QT, Moshi Meow Chow, & Angel Bunny or variations of, just to name a few...
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/5/2001
Age: 14
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I trained my dog myself, so, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon a canine with such a high intellect, able to withstand my trial and error and have such an enormous amount of patience with me.
My pet peeves: Honey abhors fighting and arguing of any kind. She would like everyone to just get along!
My hobbies: Honey loves to play soccer, although she has her own version of the game. She is immediately drawn to any type of soccer ball. She also enjoys the sport of catching flying insects in her mouth despite the drawbacks of getting stung!
My favorite hang out spot? Anywhere the action is!-is where Honey wants to be. She loves to be out and about, especially at any dog park.
My favorite grub: I prefer Wellness brand dry dog food & Avoderm canned food are among my favorites.
My favorite treat: Honeys' favorite treats are just about anything on a bone or that has at one point been alive.
My favorite tricks: Honey knows the basics such as sit, stay, down, & come; We also like to mix it up a bit for treats when she will enthusiastically perform various tricks such as jump, hugs and kisses, rollover, speak, pick one, fetch your..., gimme your paw, & gimme your other paw. There are also other words and phrases I use on a daily basis that Honey will respond to such as the go get my ___ game, 'Hold On' when we are in the car going around a bend, 'Wanna Go Outside?' means it's time to bring me her leash(if she wants to go), 'Go To Bed', and many more...
What I love about my owner: My mommy and me are best friends. She listens to things i have to say, takes me places i like to go, & even though i do not like to take baths, i know she takes the bestest care of me:)
Motto Live well, Love much, Laugh often!!!
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