† Angel Mazey Mae ~♥~I Love You Chewy~♥~ ~†~ R.I.P june 20th, 2006-march 10th, 2015~†~ ..last new pix added

Labrador Retriever | FEMALE | 10 YEARS OLD | manitowoc, WI


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we sadly lost mazey mae at 4:30am on march 10th :( .....before she passed she had been drinking a lot of water and had a urine infection but when she stopped eating and laid around not wanting to get up we took her into the vet to get looked at, sadly the morning after the vets is when she passed away.... we did find out she had diabetes an passed away from that :( ....i love you my sweet angel


† Angel Mazey Mae ~♥~I Love You Chewy~♥~ ~†~ R.I.P  june 20th, 2006-march 10th, 2015~†~  ..last new pix added

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Hi! My name is † Angel Mazey Mae ~♥~I Love You Chewy~♥~ ~†~ R.I.P june 20th, 2006-march 10th, 2015~†~ ..last new pix added. I am a Labrador Retriever from manitowoc, WI

Nicknames: mazey lazy. miss mazey lazy. lil lady. my little princess. lazy girl
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/20/2006
Age: 10
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: ``aug. 25th mazey mae toke 2nd place in her first ever fair obediance show``
**july 12th 2009 mazey mae toke first place in obedience!!!**
she in in 4-h and she got 2nd place 4 her 1st ever obedience show she could have got 1st but the dog next 2 her on her long sit and down hit her in the face and she jumped but she back down...they still took off points tho
My pet peeves: she isent so good around other fenmale dogs
My hobbies: she loves 2 sleep!!! she is realy lazy. she followes me around the house everyware and wont let me alone i even allow her 2 sleep in my bed at night otherwise she will scratch at my door and wait 4 me 2 come and get her!!! she loves walkes and she loves 2 chase after birds!!!
My favorite hang out spot? she loves 2 be around me and she loves 2 chew in bones and sleep when she can while i`m laying down or waching tv she is right thare by my side!!! she loves cats and somtimes you can find her with my kitten Gizmo
My favorite grub: she will eat almost anything somtimes she can be picky when she is eating and somtimes she will just eat whatever is offerd
My favorite treat: cheese
My favorite tricks: she can sit, shake, laydown, bang, she knows heal on leash and offleash, she knows the long sit and down and she knows figure 8 quarter turn and many more!!!
What I love about my owner: she is my lil princess and i love 2 spoil my little princess and bring her everyware i can with me she is such a sweetie its hard not to love her!!!
Motto **THANKS 2 TT3 AND ALL MY FRIENDS AND DOGS THAT VOTED FOR ME I GOT DOTD JUNE 27TH 2009** ♥~MY FRIENDS~::Odie::(143836)-me and her are besties? more likes sistas!!-::Valentino::(144946)::Regis::(116698)::Ms. Pebbles::(146339)::Cody::(76658)::Scamp::(144716)::Ollie::(128743):::Lily::(146603)::Daisy::(102888)::Nanna::(146745)::Patches::(137373)::Sanger::(144578)::Moon Shadow::(145194)::Ginger::(110831)::Cider::(74179)::Bullet::(136893)::Annie::(45564)::Cooper::(148240)::Peaka::(101122)::Zoey::(145114)**I TOOK FIRST PLACE IN OBEDIENCE JULY 12TH 2009**``I TOOK 2ND PLACE IN MY FIRST EVER OBEDIANCE SHOW FOR COUNTY FAIR``**PLEASE LOOK AT MY VIDEO**http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-videos/watch-video-FF62B122EDED6CA8679C4E10F5D92900.aspx?TagList=mazey~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Goals800 votes(by peaka)900 votes()1,000 votes()1,100 votes()1,200 votes()1,300 votes()1,400 votes()1,500 votes()1,600 votes()1,700 votes()1,800 votes()1,900 votes()2,000 votes()---------------------------Goalmake more friends~~~~~feb. 14th, 2012 was a terrible day for mommy her day at skool wasent so good and then comming home to her rabbit she had for three years passed away of unknown reasons, ontop of that her boyfriends car brokedown so she was alone then that night 2 get a fone call sayin her cuzin cody age 15 was gettin takin of of life support and is slowly dieing :(
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