Norwegian Elkhound | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Parma, OH

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Hi! My name is Nemo. I am a Norwegian Elkhound from Parma, OH

Nicknames: Fifi, Bobo, Nermal.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 10/22/2003
Age: 12
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: After 3 longs weeks of being hounded (no pun intended), I finally leaned how to shake when asked. I did it because I knew that mommy had food waiting for me. she the best.
My pet peeves: I can't stand the mail lady. when she comes to deliver mail I bark like a crazy dog and scatch at the window till mommy and daddy yell at me to stop. I hate getting my nails cut. I can hear the sound of the drawer opening, and then I hide behind daddy's chair.. heheh they can't get me back there.
My hobbies: Eating is all I want to do usually. Unless of course daddy wants to take me for a walk or if mommy wants to take me buh-byes in the car. I love to stick my head out the window and bark at everything that moves. people like to look at me and go "awww" when they see me too. It makes me feel good. I love to wrestle with the littlest master, she is the best for intimidating and biting her pant legs for more. she a good sport though. I do tend to lay it on thick.
My favorite hang out spot? I love to lay outside in the snow.. in fact I have even been known to roll around like I am coating my fur with it. it's the best. Hiding behind daddy's chair is the best too. it's quite and no one can get to me there. they have bad backs.. hehe.
My favorite grub: I get fed Natural Choice dog food.. I love it when mommy puts the canned stuff in it as well. yum-yum. I love to eat pretty much anything that it put in front of my face and few things that are not.. I love to eat fruits.. the littlest master, she shares her food with me. I even eat it off a fork too.
My favorite treat: I love to chew so Rawhides are the best as well as a good ham bone from time to time. Most any food is a treat for me. But nothin beats a good Mother Hubbard dog treat. Man that woman can make good stuff for dogs.
My favorite tricks: I will do most anything to get a treat. I like to speak though, that seems to be mommys favorite trick for me.. I think that it has something to do with the way I do it. You see when I speak no sound comes out except the sound of my teeth hitting each other.. I can do a few things that are special to just my owners.
What I love about my owner: I love that mommy is not afraid to be the pack leader with me. She can handle almost all of my little temper tantrums I can dish out. Daddy is special because we bond when he takes me on my daily walks. I sometimes pull, bark at other dogs, but he still loves me no matter what. well except when I stare at him while he is eating just waiting for a morsel of food to fall on the groud so I can gobble it up. The little one of the bunch, I like to push her around, she has not yet learned how to handle me like mommy can but we sure have fun wrestling and playing outside. I sometime show my teeth at her when she wants to luvvins on me, for some reason I only like it when mommy does it. That's because mommy won't tolerate my teeth showing so I basically have to put up with it. But I could think of worse things in life.
Motto He's scared of everything, everything scares him.
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