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Mixed Breed | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Adams, NY



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Angel Toki

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Hi! My name is Angel Toki. I am a Mixed Breed from Adams, NY

Nicknames: Toki. I prefer Toki.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/29/2007
Age: 9
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Our little boy can chase a flying frisbee.
My pet peeves: He hatesn the wet cold snow. It snows daily.
My hobbies: He likes to sniff everywhere and mark his territory.
My favorite hang out spot? He enjoys laying down on the rubber mat outside. And he thinks he a real pro athlete
My favorite grub: He usaully eats the flying bugs outside. But we feed him Purina.
My favorite treat: Pork please...
My favorite tricks: He can't do any tricks. When we got him he was a puppy and we never had tought him anything.
What I love about my owner: When I was still a earth puppy she would rub my tummy and tried to teach me tricks but I was stubborn and a lazy pup.
Motto I went to rainbow bridge 7.9.06 I lived to only be 2 years old. I happened to been chasing chickens where dad use to live on a farm [dad moves alot] and I made one of those sweet chickens die. I had tasted other animal's blood. I had to go to the vets wondering where I was, and got put to sleep. But it surved me right. I wish I wouldn't have bite that darn chicken. Mixed emotions, >:( :( :'( :) :P :/ :D I don't know what to think anymore...I want to be with Zoey she is waiting until Christmas to date again and then Cocoa. I told Zoey I would wait until Christmas with her but now I kind of like cocoa but if I go with Cocoa I will be bailing on zoey....*sighs* Confused! DEDICATION TO MY BESTIES ON DC Zoey~Ok so I first had a crush on you when you were single from the ozzy thing and you were decing with the RIley me or Dante thing. Then Onyx comes and you go with him. When you were dating Onyx we usually chatted on gmail or I.M on gmail. We were still great friend now that your single again there has been so much drama but I know zoey we will always get through this. Nothing lasts forever so this drama will go away some day. Your my best friend anyone could ask for. We will always be besties forever Zoey. -TOki Cocoa aka Coke,Your my new friend. Were buddies and everything but I kind of like you but other than that we will be buds 4eva! -TOki
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