Katie Anne

Lhasa Apso | FEMALE | 15 YEARS OLD | Voluntown, CT

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 28, 2007


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Katie Anne

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Hi! My name is Katie Anne. I am a Lhasa Apso from Voluntown, CT

Nicknames: My nick names are: Katie,Katie Watie, ,puppy dog,pretty girl,cream puff ,trubbles,smoghie and lamby.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/26/2000
Age: 15
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I won a dog show for being the most well dresed and cute more than once, Because i'm just so cute.
My pet peeves: I hate the vacum cleaner.I take my toys and sit on them to 'protect'them. I also hate baths.After fighting with my owner and soaking her and making it very unpleasent, I roll on the dirty floor to get my doggy smell back.Another one I hate is waiting for my human to get of that darn school bus and come home to play.
My hobbies: I like to get dirty, watch tv(animal planet),dig holes,run around the kitchen and run to play with the neighbors dog.Oh and MOST OF ALL..... EAT!!!!!
My favorite hang out spot? I love to hang out in the kitchen and try to get some food. I also like to follow my owner around and perhaps take a snooze in a comfy corner.
My favorite grub: I'll eat Anyhting! I live for food.Any time,anywhere.
My favorite treat: I love to eat chease but anything eatable (not always eatable)will do.
My favorite tricks: My favorite tricks are: give me paw, jump and sit pretty.
What I love about my owner: I love my owner so much. she pampers me and spoils me by giving me table scraps(she isn't supoused to) and leting me sneek up to her bed room to play.
Motto Eat, sleep , play and have fun. Eating is all that matters. Lfe is nothing but kibbles to eat. My cute face gets me everyhting.
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