LilBit & She`bet (1 year old on 7/25)

Chihuahua | FEMALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Fordoche, LA


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 LilBit & She`bet (1 year old on 7/25)

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Hi! My name is LilBit & She`bet (1 year old on 7/25). I am a Chihuahua from Fordoche, LA

Nicknames: LilBit `s nicknames are Baby, Baby Doll,& Sweet Pea Shebet nicknames are Love Bug, BeBe , & Scruffy girl, Bailee, and Princess Chi..
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/1/2003
Age: 13
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: (LilBit)She speaks for treats. She gives kisses.She sits up on her behind like a meer cat .She barks on command..LilBit won DOTD ON 3/3/10..(Shebet)is only 6 wks old , is paper trained GREAT sugar kisses,and loves to chew up everything !! LilBit doesn`t exactly know how to act having such an active ,playing thing always in her face !!hehe
My pet peeves: Some dogs. She doesn't know she is one.She thinks her new sister, Shebet, is like a wind-up toy , hoping she`ll wind down a little, SOON !!
My hobbies: Both Shebet,and LilBit love to snuggle, sleep , and play...Oh yes , and play fighting , and wrestling !!hehe....
My favorite hang out spot? Daddys lap. Moms lap if Dads not home , and buried deep under the covers of Mom`s , Dad`s , and OUR bed..Ummmmm
My favorite grub: Steak and Baked potatoes, chicken, Little Ceaser`s ,carrots,peas, & anything out of Mom`s plate. Shebet will try and eat anything that isn`t tied down!!She loves Purina puppy chow dog food..
My favorite treat: Chew sticks, Bacon,& carrots..Pig ears chew treats...
My favorite tricks: Both begging for real food,sitting up on hind legs like a meer cats,sitting on command,speaking on command,turning around, and around in circles when my Mom and Dad come into the room , and barking at each other !!
What I love about my owner: We are both being held and LOVED all of the time, by one of my parents. We`re love to play and we`re their Whole world..Life is GOOD !!
Motto LOVE me or leave me alone..Little Bit loves & adores Joshua..He is my Prince & I am his Princess..Together forever from 11/12 09- through Eternity...Joshua ask me to marry him on 1/8/10 and I said yes !!!I`m sooo very happy..I`M ENGAGED , YEA !! Thanks you to all of you who prayed for my Mom , Diane..Continue to pray for her until she`s 100%...WHAT A DAY !!! THANKS EVERYONE FOR VOTING FOR ME TO WIN MY 1ST DOTD BADGE..YOU`RE THE GREATEST GUYS IN THE WHOLE WORLD ..I FEEL THE LOVE !! BACK AT YOU !! YOU`VE CREATED A MONSTER !! TEHE..My Mom is doing soooo much better !! Thanks so much for all the prayers..They worked !! Her kidney level is down from a stage 4 to a stage 1 ..The Dr. says she`s doing great !! Her arm and wrist are also doing much better..Thanks to my Nanny,Debbie, for keeping my web page up to date , and keeping my DCfriends up to date on me and my Mom...I hope all my DC friends haven`t forgotten me..I certainly haven`t forgotten you all !! I coveted every prayer you say for me and my Mom !!Keep praying(daily) for my little "Sis",Tay, that her kidneys would be completely be healed...Please be patiece with my Mom ...She has to get back in the swing of writing again !!! I love each and every one of my DC friends !!I HAVE A NEW SISTER, AND SHE`S A TERROR !!hehe..She was born on July 25th, 2010..I`m 6 1/2 weeks old, (almost 7 weeks old), and I`m a Chihuahua ...I`m sooooooo tiny !! My big siter, LilBit weighs only 3 pds.I must only weigh ounces !!hehe..I`m longhaired...My Mom and Dad say I`m soooo cute, and I think so too...(I`m such a stinker) !!!!!!!!!Come by and get to know me ..I need some new friends .... My name is Shebet...I`m 12wks. old the week of 10/10/10.. , which means I`m 3 Months old... I`m beginning to be a BIG GIRL !!!!I`m getting bigger than LilBit, but she `s the BOSS !!I love to eat , and I`m growing so fast...My Mom says she wants me to stay a puppy !! I love my big sister..She`s teaching me all she knows..I`m getting really smart !!! hehe..I need some new friends...Would love to hear from some of you !!Mom needs prayer..She`s having problems , stemming from Arthritis in her knees, hands,fingers, wrist,shoulders and arms...Please pray for our Mom to feel better..Hope all our friends will continue to write we can at least hear from you...My little sister is so pretty....She is taller than I am now....
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