Kaytee Bell, Therapy Dog ♥♥

Tibetan Spaniel | FEMALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Baltimore, MD

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Kaytee Bell, Therapy Dog ♥♥

About Me

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Hi! My name is Kaytee Bell, Therapy Dog ♥♥. I am a Tibetan Spaniel from Baltimore, MD

Nicknames: Tibbie, Bell Bell
Birth Day, Month and Year: 10/15/2001
Age: 13
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: As of September 4, 2007, I am a Pets on Wheels certified Therapy Dog!!!! .
My pet peeves: Getting my teeth cleaned. And being on a DIET!!! And Swimming!!
My hobbies: I love to chase squirrels.
My favorite hang out spot? I love to sit on the back porch waiting for the birds and squirrels to go to the bird feeder. I also like my cousins pool in the summer. I enjoy laying on the raft when it gets hot.
My favorite grub: ANYTHING. I love all food. And that is a problem. You see, Mama says I have put on a few lbs. I think I look great, but she has me on a strict diet, no Cheerios, no yummy treats!!!! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!
My favorite treat: I love marrow bones from the butcher. And pigs ears, YUMMY!!!
My favorite tricks: Standing on my back legs and begging. ( it works like a charm) I have learned sit, paw, lay down, crawl, come, but not stay. Listen, if someone else has food, I'm going there.
What I love about my owner: They love me. They love me!!! Oh, and they love me! Check out my trading card at http://www.bluebufftradingcards.com/
Motto Never ate a meal I didn't like! B-day is 10-15, that is the day I came to live with my mama and my daddy!!!! Gifts are appreciated!!
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