MoZilla ~ {DOTD 01/17/11} Thanks much EVERYBODY!

Rottweiler | FEMALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Sparks, NV

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: September 8, 2009


It's been well over a month and we are still mourning the loss of Mo, the great and mighty. Complications from diabetes took her life way too soon and we will love and miss her FOREVER.


MoZilla ~ {DOTD 01/17/11} Thanks much EVERYBODY!

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Hi! My name is MoZilla ~ {DOTD 01/17/11} Thanks much EVERYBODY!. I am a Rottweiler from Sparks, NV

Nicknames: I don't know if they're cute but we also call her BingaBinga (for when her stubby tail is wagging), The Giant Furry Speedbump, Tank, Ocean Spray (when she drinks), & Keeper of the Bat Signal Booty (see photo below) and Mo-Nanna cuz she's so sweet around puppies.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/6/2007
Age: 8
Weight: more than 100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: The best thing is she's gotten over her night terrors and no longer wakes up with a snarl and a growl. She actually enjoys sleeping now, and snores quite nicely!
My pet peeves: Being ignored, though as an 123lb furry speedbump, she's pretty hard to ignore!
My hobbies: walking, running after birds and rabbits, EATING & learning. Also enjoys some TV time i.e. nature documentaries, especially if there are wolves, coyotes and bears in them, and plays Zelda on Wii with Mom, likes to watch the horse Epona gallop about and growls at bad guys when needed hehe. 09-10-09 she discovered my albino cory cat in one of my tanks, HILARIOUS!!! Now she notices there are all kinds of fins to try to lick through the glass. I suspect fin feeding time is going to be more than interesting from now on!
My favorite hang out spot? Near the kitchen when food prep is happening! Also anywhere near Mom, aka Supreme Goddess of Treats. Very helpful at laying at the bottom of the stairs too.
My favorite grub: Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato and Chicken and SOJO grain free fruit and veggie formula which we add brown rice, pumpkin, turkey, cottage cheese and organic coconut butter.
My favorite treat: Whole cow feet, not just the split hooves (very creepy to humans hehe) Hawaiian Papaya, Anything bacon, also tangerines and other fruits, BACON, anything the kids eat and BACON, NutroMax tartar control biscuits and did we mention BACON?!
My favorite tricks: She is quite good at stalking and herding. She also has a fascination with white dogs, which is funny since our other dog is white and brown, so they are perfect buddies!
What I love about my owner: Always has treats & time for me even though I'm the new dog in the family. Likes to remind people that I'm just a "little girl"And she tells everyone they should click on www.theanimalrescuesite.comto help feed shelter pets
Motto "Don't forget your towel!"
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