Madd Ethel Kidd "Maddie"

Labrador Retriever | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Leesburg, VA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 17, 2007


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Madd Ethel Kidd "Maddie"

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Hi! My name is Madd Ethel Kidd "Maddie". I am a Labrador Retriever from Leesburg, VA

Nicknames: My dog has very cute nicknames...we call her Madd, Ethel, E, Madd Dog, Madness, Babyface, and Maddie
Birth Day, Month and Year: 2/23/2005
Age: 11
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Maddie has completed a six week dog training course with dismal results...she will sit sometimes and never uses the bathroom in the house. She also plays well with the other pets in the house and never steals food off of the table.
My pet peeves: Being put in her crate is the worse thing you can do to her. Leashes are another thing she does not deal well with.
My hobbies: Destroying her indestructible chew toys is her main hobby...exploring the neighborhood while being chased by her owner is another hobby she finds extremely amusing. She also likes sleeping under the bed.
My favorite hang out spot? Either under the bed or under the foot of the recliner whichever is closer to her owner.
My favorite grub: Anything in her bowl but she really hates pickles and tomatoes. She does love carrots and green beans though.
My favorite treat: Beef flavored steak bites
My favorite tricks: She can find anything you try to hide from her...
What I love about my owner: She feeds me cheese
Motto Crazy is contagious
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