Angel Wink - Hi sweet Lana!

Beagle | MALE | 23 YEARS OLD | Pet Lovers' Lane, IL

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Angel Wink  - Hi sweet Lana!

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Hi! My name is Angel Wink - Hi sweet Lana!. I am a Beagle from Pet Lovers' Lane, IL

Nicknames: We called him Winky.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/17/1992
Age: 23
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: He was ALWAYS SUCH a good dog till the day he died! I crossed the rainbow bridge.
My pet peeves: He hated when we would not take him for car rides, or even leave him alone to take a shower! (He had BAD seperation Anxiety!)
My hobbies: He LOVED to be with us.
My favorite hang out spot? Wherever we were. Or in his bed in my closet.
My favorite grub: He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED crackers!!!!
My favorite treat: He enjoyed snacking sticks.
My favorite tricks: He did not do tricks, he was blind!!!
What I love about my owner: She loved me till the day I died.
Motto Wink went to go be with Jesus on February 24, 2009. He was just very old, and could not walk. We were going to put him down the day after he died, but he died in his bed at home. We are glad he died surrounded by the ones who loved him. I LOVE Lana! Together since: November 13, 2009♥ ENGAGED:DECEMBER 19,2009♥ Going for DOTD,Jan 4th!.•*•. Plz Vote Angel Wink #157828 DOTD Jan.4!.•*•. A blind beagle+a DOTD badge=Angel Winky Hi! Nice to meet you! ID: 157828 *walks right into you* WHOOPS! Didn't see you! You see,I am a one eyed blind beagle! Here is my story:I had a fun life with my first family! They called me Baby,and had had me since I was a puppy. One day,they found out,I had a cataract in one eye,and glaucoma in the other. Instead of taking the eye out,they dumped him at a shelter! Thaings were looking bad for Angel Wink as he sat alone in his cage with a squeaky crab. He watched with his BIG glaucomay eye (which had STILL not been taken out) as all the "cute" young puppies got chosen at the shelter. He was 9 years old,and his greatest fear was of dying in the shelter. Things looked up for Wink,when Karli heard about him. She had the shelter take out his eye,and she brought him home where she spoiled him,and LOVED him. He had BAD seperation anxiety,though. I could not take a shower without him howling to be right there with me. It was most likely caused from the fact that his old owners dumped him at the shelter. Karli laughs as she remembers all his cute antics. If I gave him a bone,he would prance around like "big dog". He was ALWAYS sweet and loving. A few months after Wink's 16th BDAY,he got ill. He could not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. He spent his last days near the fire with Gidgit,his cat sister,and me curled up next to him. One Monday,2-23-2009,Wink was INCREDIBLY sick. He could not even walk. Karli said she was going to put him to sleep the next day. That night,Karli kissed him goodnight,and goodbye. The next day,he died,(at home)with a smile on his face. "He was a loyal,faithful friend right up to the end",says Karli,"I miss him. A lot." Please help me recieve the DOTD badge! I got it! Thanks to ALL my friends! I can't thank you enough! Especially Lana, The texas pups,Clovis,Stony,Merlin,Muffin,Buster and many mant more! I am sorry if I left anyone out! I am just so happy!♥ Married to my sweet precious Lana.2-24-10 A married one eyed blind beagle+a smile in heaven♥
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