Miniature Schnauzer | FEMALE | 10 YEARS OLD | eminence, KY

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Hi! My name is Bridget. I am a Miniature Schnauzer from eminence, KY

Nicknames: Baby, Rurr, Burgle, Flurr, Baby girl,
Birth Day, Month and Year: 10/1/2005
Age: 10
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She has got a few tricks learned, like dance, sit, and jump. I am very proud of her for learning and paying attention, because she is a VERY hyper dog:)
My pet peeves: I hate it when shes real hyper and excited and wants to play, but your so tired and cant barley walk, or your busy with something important, she well make her little noise and bite your toes and calves WHEN YOUR WALKING. :P
My hobbies: She really loves to run and play and chew on squeaky toys. Its really all she does unless i'm with her.
My favorite hang out spot? Either in mom and dads bed, outside in the sun, or cuddling with Maderia (our chocolate lab)...she misses her puppies we sold so she acts like Bridget is hers, hence the smallness.
My favorite grub: Bacon grease and 1 egg on her food every Sunday. We always make a big breakfast on Sunday morning, consisting of eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, etc.
My favorite treat: Oh....i would have to say my homemade doggie bread. She and my other 2 pups love to eat!
My favorite tricks: Dance! Defiantly. She gets up on her two back paws and jumps up and down while turning. She was so excited once that she did a back flip on accident!
What I love about my owner: I think what she would love so much about me is that i spoil her! She sleeps with me and my mom, (she likes to play musical beds during the, mom, me, mom)and i usually give her what she wants...but i do discipline her!
Motto We will never part, she is always in my heart...
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