The LaCrosse 6 ~Thank you for DOTD Sept. 3rd!

Mixed Breed | MALE | 17 YEARS OLD | La Crosse, WI

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 25, 2009


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The LaCrosse 6 ~Thank you for DOTD Sept. 3rd!

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Hi! My name is The LaCrosse 6 ~Thank you for DOTD Sept. 3rd!. I am a Mixed Breed from La Crosse, WI

Nicknames: Bocephous (Male Rottie)- Bo, BoBo, Bo Boy. Diesel (Male Mixed Breed)- Dies (Rhymes with Neice). Sweetie Pie. Savannah (Female Mixed Breed)- Baby girl, Vannah. Laney Jane(Female Min Pin)- L.J., Laney Bug, Sweet Lane, Janey Lane, Janey Baby. Mini Rottie. Dakota (Male Rottie)- Kota, Atokad (Dakota backwards), Dakota Bishop, Ranger, Dakota Boy. Sully (Male Rottie)- Sul, Bully, Baby
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/28/1999
Age: 17
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: They are all wonderful dogs and I am proud of all of them :)
My pet peeves: They dont much care for mean dogs and we hate Breed Specific Legislation
My hobbies: We love to play and be with our friends and family and we love eachother very much!
My favorite hang out spot? In the Lake, On the islands, camping, Home, & In the backyard playing football or swimming in our own little pool.
My favorite grub: Purina One, Dog Chow, Special Vet Prescribed Food.
My favorite treat: Our favorite treats are berries and veggies, We pretty much love anything mom gives us! Especially meat treats and chicken
My favorite tricks: Retrive, Sit, Lay Down, Quiet, Stalk, Crawl, Roll Over, Play Dead, Jump, & Many More
What I love about my owner: We love our momma very much, She plays with us all the time and gives us *The Very best Care* Anyone could give a dog. She also spoils us with lots of treats and goodies
Motto Bo -Please play with me! I love to give kisses! DOB: September 28th 1999 Diesel -Avoid cats and all will be well in the world. ♥ Jesse Since June 23rd 2010 ♥ DOB: February 3rd 2002 Savannah - Love Me! Love Me! DOB: May 10th 2008 Laney - I am a big dog! hear me woof! Woof! DOB: September 8th 2007 ♥ Ozzy Since June 26th ♥ Dakota -As long as you have play mates and a great family life is good :) DOB: June 4th 2008 Sully - Fight BSL! A loving home is all I need to be happy. I may be blind but I always know you are there for me mom. DOB: October 5th 2009
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