~S.G.S. Crew~ *family page*

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 17 YEARS OLD | garretson, SD

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~S.G.S. Crew~ *family page*

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Hi! My name is ~S.G.S. Crew~ *family page*. I am a Mixed Breed from garretson, SD

Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/27/1998
Age: 17
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Each of us have accomplished many contests from agility to owners' commands to disc catching
My pet peeves: We have always hated it when people yell, run at us, and/or make loud sounds (their ears are very sensative)
My hobbies: The dogs love to run and play almst nonstop! they are very energetic, playful puppies!
My favorite hang out spot? We like to hang out in the heated sun room patio ( please note that this is all fake and dreamed up by me)
My favorite grub: We tend to like a mix of puppy food and scraps of people food for a wide verioty. everyone needs nto try new things u kno! =)
My favorite treat: We tend to favor meat like ribs, ham, or staik
My favorite tricks: We have been tought and awarded many tricks such as sit in a chair, role over, and sing with me; they are awarded bacon strips or pig ears (tasty doggy treats) for wat ever trick they get right
What I love about my owner:
Motto No puppy left behind!!! Spirit ~ oldest, ♥ scarlet!!!. profile picture Galexy ~ middle dog, single but i think i got a crush! loves 2 run and play Shila ~youngest, LOVES Luke forever!! likes making frends
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