Mystic and Ivy's Something Special Dog Spa- REOPEN

Japanese Chin | FEMALE | 6 YEARS OLD | Ann Arbor, MI



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Mystic and Ivy's Something Special Dog Spa- REOPEN

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Hi! My name is Mystic and Ivy's Something Special Dog Spa- REOPEN. I am a Japanese Chin from Ann Arbor, MI

Nicknames: Are you stressed? Hurting after agility practice? Just wanting a spa day? In that case, you've come to the right place! Hi, and welcome to Mystic and Ivy's Something Special Dog Spa! Here you leave your name, age, and page number and you tell us what you want including snack and drink choices. Then we will come to your house and give you a massage or whatever you want! You pay with votes. It's fun and easy, and will leave you feeling great! Everything's 1 vote!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/23/2010
Age: 6
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: The Something Special Spa Shop has great stuff!
Shop Items
Nail Polish
Aromatherapy Candles
Facial Masks
Hot Oil Treatments
Fur Shine Shampoo and Spray
Nail Shine Sticks
and More!
Please let us know what you want while making your purchase. Thanks!
My pet peeves: Not pleased? We will refund your vote by voting for you.
My hobbies: Interested in working here? Let us know and we will let you know what positions are avaliable.
My favorite hang out spot? Here!
My favorite grub: Employee Payroll- Miss Ivy- Earned- 5 votes Paid- 3 votes Owe- 2 votes BB- Earned- Paid- Owe-
My favorite treat: Our Monthly Theme: Our theme for March is "Spring Shamrocks". With every purchase in March you get the "Shamrock Spread" containing: Mystic's Shamrock Sherbet BB's Shamrock Sugar Cookies A Box of Shamrock Candies Grass Green Aromatherapy Candle Something Special Shamrock Sunglasses Something Special Shores of Erie Paw Balm Kiss Me Irish Body Spray Enjoy!
My favorite tricks:
What I love about my owner: Salon and Spa Services Pawdicures- Classic Pawdicure Spa Pawdicure Paraffin Wax Treatment Nail Art Design Solar Oil Pawdicure Facials- Classic Facial Spa Facial Caviar Facial Vitamin C Facial Massages- Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage Warm Stone Massage Body Treatments- Body Scrub Tropical Body Wrap Holistic Therapies- Flower Essence Therapy Chakra Therapy Energy Healing Full Package Pawdicure of your choice w/paraffin treatment Facial of your choice Massage of your choice Body Treatment of your choice Holistic Therapy of your choice All services include free drinks and snacks of your choice.
Motto Spa days leave a dog feeling grrrreat! This Month's Theme Motto: Going to Mystic and Ivy's is like being at the beach! So Relaxing!
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