† STOMPER † Hugs and Pawrayers 4 U.

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Haven't been on here for so long with all the changes, that mama is completely confused! BOL. Hugs and love, and of course whip cream to all my friends. :)


† STOMPER † Hugs and Pawrayers 4 U.

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Hi! My name is † STOMPER † Hugs and Pawrayers 4 U.. I am a Mixed Breed from Oshkosh, WI

Nicknames: Stompy, Stompy Boo, Fuzzy Little Buddy, Shyster, Stompy Bompy Boo Boo, Fuzzy Bucket, Poochie Poo, Stompy Boo Fuzzy Butt
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/22/2005
Age: 8
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Stompy graduated puppy class and won a relay race against all the other dogs, even big ones, and also won best trick! My little Stomper was clocked by a police officer running 15 mph. He's been in the local paper twice, once for the dog run, and once for an article on "Bad dogs turned good" which showcased how with proper training a little nipper's ways can be turned around. ♥DOTD ♥ 06/13/07 ♥ DOTW ♥ 06/18/07
My pet peeves: Stompy doesn't like bitter apple spray and will knock the bottle over if he sees it. Stompy really wants to catch squirrels and rabbits, but the tie-out only goes so far and then he starts barkin'.
My hobbies: He likes to say "I love you mama" for a treat. He loves to jump to get a toy. He thinks the fluff from toys is to be spread about the house. Ya gotta luv the fluff.
My favorite hang out spot? He loves to jump up on the top of the couch and look out the window. He also likes his little couch a lot.
My favorite grub: He eats Fromm, but all natural desserts are a favorite. He especially loves the apple crisp and pumpkin pie.
My favorite treat: Stomper loves cheese, cheese, and more cheese (of course, he's a Wisconsin dog). Peanut butter, apple, & banana are also faves. But the best....whip cream from the drive-through at a famous coffee shop...messy but oh so good.
My favorite tricks: He loves to rollover. He can "high-five", stand, shake, wave, sit, dance, crawl, and "speak".
What I love about my owner: My mama is good at playing, giving belly rubs, and taking me to the dog park and for car rides. If I'm really good, I get my very own little bowl of frozen custard!
Motto Every day is a Stomper day :) I'm a little Shyster and a little blessing :) DOB: 9/22/05. Mommy's DOB: 8/17.
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