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Thanks y'all for this honor! Please pardon how long it takes me to get thank yous out, Dog Channel is not cooperating...


Angel Sandy

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Hi! My name is Angel Sandy. I am a Labrador Retriever from The best place on Earth, TX

Nicknames: No. Sandy was cute enough.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/1/1993
Age: 23
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Well she knew a couple tricks but she was pretty much just a loving little trickster. She could turn doorknobs, steal off the counter, and tear up walls and carpets. One time she accidently got locked into the garage and before we noticed she was missing and went to let her in she had already torn a hole in the garage door. She was also somewhat of a huntin dog. One time we took her to a state park and we let her offleash and next thing you know she ran into the forest and when she came back she was chasing a deer.
My pet peeves: When Sandy was still with us Hunter, our other dog liked to try to tackle her and other stuff like that so she was not to fond of him. She also didn't like it when my mom would leave. If she was staying over late at our neighbors house playing a board game or something sandy would howl and howl and howl.
My hobbies: Sleeping, eating, and howling.
My favorite hang out spot? She used to lay down on the carpet next to mom...
My favorite grub: Pedigree dog food and human food because she was just tall enough to steal it off the counter.
My favorite treat: Milk bones and any human food that falls... or even if it doesn't she'll try to get it!
My favorite tricks: Sandy was more of my mom's dog so I don't remember everything that she knew but she knew how to sit, laydown, stay, and fetch
What I love about my owner: I love that they used to pet me, hug me, feed me and that they wouldn't leave me home alone too often.
Motto I don't need to live forever, I just need to live as long as it takes to help those I love.I will forever ♥ my family and my angel Romeo!
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