Shiba Inu | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Wilmington, MA

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Hi! My name is Tiger. I am a Shiba Inu from Wilmington, MA

Nicknames: Paizan, Puca, Pookie, Nininho and WOWWOW
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/12/2007
Age: 8
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Not much, i'm bad to the bone...
My pet peeves: Trash bags, when anyone touches my green rug, when Nana tries to grab my bones
My hobbies: No hobbies -- does aggravating my sister Nana count? Oh yeah, I have one, mom and dad make us walk around the pond, thank God for winter I tell, I only do that damn thing on Sundays now, in the summer it's every day, imagine that? I really don't like it, it kills me. I lost some weight doing it so I guess it's good for something, I just hate the heat...or should I say "moving" period...
My favorite hang out spot? Mommy and daddy's bed
My favorite grub: Chicken, eggs, hamburgers
My favorite treat: Bones
My favorite tricks: I close my eyes when my mommy tells me to
What I love about my owner: My mommy is the best. I'm 3 years old and she still breaks my treats into pieces and plays with me like I'm still a puppy. Well, what can I tell you, I'm a male, I never grow up. Ask my dad. Yeah, I got a dad, not too many dogs can say that. Mom and my sister Nana pick on him sometimes like they pick on me, but that's ok, they're just kidding (not really)..Anyway, my mommy is the best, she never yells or screams at me and let's me do pretty much what I want. Of course I don't do things that other dogs do, like run in the dirt or anything (she'd be beside herself), we're always clean and smelling great. We're fancy dogs with fancy collars, Dad's got one too (that was good). I have a really good sense of humor, I'm kind of quiet, my mom says, but I come up with some good jokes sometimes, even Nana laughs. She can be a joke...sorry Nana. Ok, yup mommy is the best mommy in the world and I thank her for picking me everyday over those other sorry dogs over at that store. Thanks mommy and also for giving me "the pain in the butt Nana" she's ok I guess. Love you mommy, daddy and Nana. "Tiger"
Motto Just because my sister calls me "Slow Tiger" I'm still the alpha dog...don't forget that!
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