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Hi! My name is Isaac. I am a Mixed Breed from Halethorpe, MD

Nicknames: I have actually called him 'sugar snout'...
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/11/1999
Age: 17
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: What my dog has accomplished is being so open and loving to his human and animal community that he is thought of as the sweetest dog in my neighborhood. He is the 'Best Loved Dog'. He is smart and sensitive--has visited nursing home and homeless shelter w/fantastic results. He is a border collie/golden retriever mix; what a great combination. He is calm and appropriateley energetic at walk times and play times. He is so obedient that he walks with me off leash (only on the property is he unleashed) with his head close to my knee...he's a joy to be with. He has the most loving heart I've ever encountered.
My pet peeves: He does not enjoy bath time, although he is very good throughout bath time.
My hobbies: He likes to chew on Dingo bones--only--generics are not acceptable. He enjoys chasing squirrels very much. He is sentry for me in the house, and welcome dog for each person that arrives home in the court where we live. He will run and greet everyone who comes home, making them feel loved and special. He LOVES to meet people and make new friends with both people and dogs. We have visited a nursing home and homeless shelter together. Everyone loved him, and he loved everyone too.
My favorite hang out spot? He likes to sit on the couch by front window in the breakfast room and watch out the window, bark when someone comes to the house or when he sees a friend.
My favorite grub: He enjoys his Blue Buffalo diet kibble plus added green beans.
My favorite treat: Dingo bones, piggy ears (but they are fattening so we have stopped piggy ears)
My favorite tricks: I don't teach him tricks, but he does offer a paw when asked. He will roll over when I ask him during brushing time. I taught him to roll over so I could brush his other side...he also knows his stuffed animals by name.
What I love about my owner: My mommy gives me nice back rubs. She shows me she loves me and that when I bark or communicate with my eyes she is listening. She takes me for long walks. We are best friends; she makes me feel that I am special and wanted. She rescued me from the shelter after I was abandoned by some people who were mean to me. She is always nice to me--she does not hit me or yell; she knows that does not help our relationship.
Motto Love dogs!
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