Angel-Angel loves Otis forever and ever

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 17 YEARS OLD | Scottsdale, AZ



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Angel-Angel loves Otis forever and ever

About Me

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Hi! My name is Angel-Angel loves Otis forever and ever. I am a Mixed Breed from Scottsdale, AZ

Nicknames: Angy poo! angy girl, crazy pup
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/16/1996
Age: 17
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I will always be loved no matter what!

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I am so honored by all the friends I have and all the dogs who love mixed breeds, I was a runt as a pup and runts dont get a chance, so thankyou whom adopted all the ones with the hard lives. Think about how many runts of litters are uthinized or killed because they were not adopted... Take a Chance! And adopt more runts!
My pet peeves: Loud noises
My hobbies: Playing with my angel group of friends!
My favorite hang out spot? In the field
My favorite grub: Chicken I am a Mix of a Black Lab and Border Collie and I have about 15% DNA of a wolf in me. But just because I was some wolf doesnt mean I was dangerous but I had to have a proper Diet. Here is what Was keeping me healthy. Iams dog food (hard) mixed with the greenbean diet wich kept my body nice and fit, a daily fish oil pill would keep my coat as strong, thick, and soft as it was. Even though I was staying healthy its possible to get sick espicially when I was getting ready to cross the bridge. So here is some food for sick dogs. Regular dog food (Iams hard dog food), my daily fish oil pill, but instead of the greenbean diet I would eat some light white rice. The reason I had to eat this diet is because I always had a very weak stomach, so any dogs that do, here is the right diet for you.
My favorite treat: Chicken
My favorite tricks: Jumping
What I love about my owner: Everything
Motto A Purayer: To have the luck of being loved for the life I lived was a big honor. Espcially due to my mixed DNA and the fact that I was a runt. Love was what kept me through hardships. So bless those who love the runts and those who hate them. The open mind is free and respected I hope those who are not respected like I was are safe and not at their last day. Alot of dogs dont get the chance like I do, espcially the ones that have the risk of being trusted. But you must look at the deed not the breed.
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