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Golden Retriever | FEMALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Covington, LA

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Honey Dew

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Hi! My name is Honey Dew. I am a Golden Retriever from Covington, LA

Nicknames: Honeys full name is Honey DewHoney bear,Honey buns,Honey Suckle,Boo boo,Baby girl,Honey dew melon,Honey bunny,Mrs.Buns,Bun Bun,Pepper(Dont know were that one came from bol),Sweetie,Cutness,Dew Dew head,Dew Dew breath,Honey nut cherrios,baby girl,Peanut butter,Pumpkin doodle,Honey bee,Bun Bun baby,twinky,bunsies,boo,goobly,Honey MC' Bunny,Honey O' BunnyMost of the time theres a new one everyday haha!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/4/2008
Age: 8
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She passes her CGC training and is now a certified therapy dog,She passed agility class and was best student in the class,Soon she will be competing in obedience comps when she learns to pick up heavy things in her mouth haha,She won first place in most talented dog for the 4-H pet show,I got my wag warz badge from Brie,Ty and Bently thanks guys,I got my breed warz badge from myself bol,I got my avatar avengers badge from Brie,Ty and Ben thanks guys you rock,I got my dotd badge on October 26 2011 and Brie,Ty and Ben nominated me Thanks again guys!,I got my dotm badge in January 2012 thanks everyone!
My pet peeves: When mommy doesnt take me with her when she goes somewhere and being in a crate those things bug me!
My hobbies: I like to ride in the car with mom,sleep,eat,whatch TV,fetch,swim,chase bunnys,play with my foster brother or sister.
My favorite hang out spot? Moms bed,living room infront of the TV,on the couch(even though im not supposed to be on it) in the kitchen on the cool brick floor and outside on sunny days
My favorite grub: 4-Health from Tractor and Supply Co
My favorite treat: peanut butter,milos kitchen treats,beggin strips,mommys homemade doggie cookies,ice cream,snow balls and meat
My favorite tricks: shake,play dead,take my socks off,down,up top,dance,hup hup,over,through,Left paw right paw,wave,bang bang,hold
What I love about my owner: She gives me belly rubs whatches movies with me takes me to the snow ball stand and well just spoils me rotten!
Motto Spoiled but not rottenDont tell me the skys the limit when theres footprints on the moonAkuna mattata(it means no worrys!)I have had a dc acount before and I got 1,000 votes and dog of the day so please help me reach those goals again!Rest in peace sweet Tay you are dearly missed and are forever in our hearts.Congrats Sam on dog of the day 6/7/11!!!Rest In peace sweet Stormie let the Lord be with you and your family through this ruff time!In loving memory of my sweet foster dog Zephyr he had to be put down because he had cancer on 19/9/11.Zephyr was a grreat dogEnjoyed lifePart of my heart foreverHe was sweet and gentleYou where the best buddyRest in peace sweet manMy past foster dogsShawnNickDuncanSuger BearMaxNemoBruceAngel Zephyr 1999-2011ShelbyBuddyGoldieGapettoVotes100=Zeus,Xena and Sam200=Boomer300=Suger400=Alabama gang500=Snickers600=Yukon700=?????800=Alabama Gang900=Kane(The boxer)1,000=Brie,Ty and Ben1,100=?????1,200=?????1,300=?????1,400=?????1,500=?????1,600=?????1,700=Peaka1,800=Bella the border collie1,900=Buck2,000=♥BigBoy♥(From Alabama Gang)2,100=Fiona the Fearless2,200=?????2,300=?????2,400=Brie,Ty and BenJESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! DependOnGodR.I.P CHEY CHEY I WILL NEVER FURGET YOU MY SWEET FURIEND!
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