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Oh my.....what a night for our poor mom. Mom watches the nursery at church. Usually, she only has two little ones, since the others have their little classes to go to. Tonight, Remington went with mom and Grandma. Mom's little buddy Calum was brought in. He's 5 months worth of sweetness. Two year old Olivia came. She had her tantrum for about a minute, then she was laughing and playing. Things were going fine until Madelyn knocked at the door. She came in fine but after a few minutes, Olivia took a toy away from her. The RAGING tantrum erupted!!!!!!!!! She screamed to the top of her lungs......I WANT MY NANA!! over and over. Believe me, there is no consoling this child. Last year, when her Nana brought her, she would throw herself down and bang her head as hard as she could on the floor....over and over until mom could have her nana paged to pick her up. Well, a couple of mom's friends came to check on her since the screaming continued. One went to get the grandmother but couldn't find her anywhere. Another friend took Madelyn out and went to look for her nana. Calum got upset from all the screaming and when mom looked around some women mom had never seen before just left her kid. Mom didn't even know the kids name. He was sweet though. Then, when church was over, all the kids were picked up except the new one. Mom had to wait like 10 or 15 minutes for the mother to show up. She was busy talking. Not too nice for mom since she can't clean and disinfect the nursery until all the kids are picked up.-----Mom was proud of herself though....she remained calm (because last week she was having an issue with her blood pressure). She took lots of deep breaths. Mom was so happy to get home. ------I sure hope you had a better day than mom.


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Hi! My name is Cooper Britt. I am a Poodle, Toy from GREENVILLE, GA

Nicknames: Super cooper, Coop
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Age: 3
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Gender: M
Education: Cooper's learned to sit, lay down, roll over, shake hands, give high 5's, fetch and catch the ball in the air.
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My hobbies: Eating, sleeping and playing with toys
My favorite hang out spot? at my feet
My favorite grub: blue buffalo
My favorite treat: blue buffalo blue bit's
My favorite tricks: shaking hands
What I love about my owner: She loves us like were the only dogs in the world
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