Shadow #219532 -Thank-you friends for my DOTD honor!!

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Christmas Eve Shadow started to swell again. I called the vet and they upped her dose on the Lasix, we had to let her out every 2-3 hrs and yes in the middle of the night. It did not help her at all in fact she has gone from 33 inches Christmas eve to almost 36 inches, I measure the belly every day. It was terrifying watching her swell and become more uncomfortable. When the vet heard she wasn't responding he suggested she be seen by her oncologist. So last Friday we took her, they did an MRI and blood work, we now know that the tumor has penetrated her heart and is starting to interfere with its function. However her blood work came back perfectly normal, all levels exactly where they should be. This is good because dogs on Lasix normally show elevated levels in a lot of places and at least right now hers are normal. So all of the belly is being caused by the fluid draining off of the tumor. She added a drug to the Lasix that works on a different part of the kidney than the Lasix. She gave me the mildest dose possible, but it isn't doing a thing either. I am supposed to talk to her on Friday, hopefully she will increase it a bit. Shadow was beyond excited to go for a ride in the car and kissed me most of the way there. All of the vets came to see her and all of the girls did too, She sure did love all that attention!! :) The worst part is they shaved her belly, just too darn cold out there for that. I took an old pair of fleecy pants and cut off the leg, I put it on from back end, it kind a fits like a sausage casing but at least the belly is covered & warm. Even though the vet visit wasn't good news at least now I know what is going on with Shadow, the NOT knowing part was killing me. Just loving & cherishing my girl for as long as we have. Jan 23, 2015 is her 1 1/2 yr milestone since she had the window put in, she certainly has tenacity. Hugs & Love to all. Shadow & Mom Lynn


Shadow #219532 -Thank-you friends for my DOTD honor!!

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Hi! My name is Shadow #219532 -Thank-you friends for my DOTD honor!!. I am a Mixed Breed from New Springfield, OH

Nicknames: Doey, Doe, Dodo When my brother Buckshot was alive Mom used to call us Buck & Doe
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/30/2001
Age: 13
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I listen very well, and I am a helper dog, when my mom drops something I go and get it for her, I also go to work with her every once in awhile I am very GOOD

DOTD 2/4/12
My pet peeves: Tucker, When I want something I want it now!!!!
My hobbies: Frisbee, Football, hanging out with the parents
My favorite hang out spot? anywhere mom is
My favorite grub: Blue reduced fat any goodies that mom gives me really I'm not picky!!!!
My favorite treat: Busy Bones & Cookies
My favorite tricks: I am a helper dog, when my mom drops something I go and get it for her. I really miss my brother Buckshot he went to furever sleep last summer.
What I love about my owner: She cuddles & sweet talks me, she always tells me how good I am!!!!!
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