Mystic Missyee Marmalaide

Boxer | FEMALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Concordia, KS

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 27, 2006


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Mystic Missyee Marmalaide

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Hi! My name is Mystic Missyee Marmalaide. I am a Boxer from Concordia, KS

Nicknames: "Missyee Do"
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/28/2004
Age: 12
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: My dog came from a very abusive home...she was beaten, malnutritioned, and was very affraid of a man wearing a hat...Now, after having her for 10 months, she is completely different and I couldn't ask for a better companion! She has overcome her fears with people and just loves everyone now! I'm so proud of her because it wasn't easy for her to "trust" again.
My pet peeves: Doesn't like her ears nibbled
My hobbies: Visiting the neighborhood dogs each night...riding in the car...sleeping, and lying between my masters legs in the evening and watching tv with her...
My favorite hang out spot? On my couch. It is placed in front of a window and can lay my head on the couch and look over the back out the window and watch the little kids across the street in school
My favorite grub: Kibbles n Bits and her beaf jerkey treats
My favorite treat: beaf jerky!
My favorite tricks: playing frisbie
What I love about my owner: She took me into her home when I had been left outside, chained up in a back yard with no one to play with me...Now I live in a big house that is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer...she gives me lots of lovin'...I love her hugs and kisses and all the wonderful kind things she sais to me...she thinks I'm "beautiful". She takes me for rides in her car and we stop and get me a treat for being a good girl...and I get to cuddle with her at night on a soft, big bed...I love to stretch out and feel her next to me...I love my owner...only she doesn't realize that "I own her instead"...
Motto Love them, cause they'll love you even more
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