Chow Chow | MALE | 4 YEARS OLD | Port huron, MI

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Hi! My name is Zues. I am a Chow Chow from Port huron, MI

Birth Day, Month and Year: 10/18/2011
Age: 4
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: My puppy is potty trained, can sit, come and lay down. He will be attending training at Pet smart in about 2 weeks :)
My pet peeves: He does not like squirrels, or fake plants. He perfers no one has face to face contact.Also getting his nails filed down, &when I leave the house without him
My hobbies: He loves to go for walks, and he loves to go interact with everything at pet smart and local dog friendly stores.He loves treats and to be called "A good boy". He tolerates me brushing him, and getting groomed, but once hes done he knows he looks SO CUTE!! He loves being a investigator too, always nosey in everyones business, loves to play tug-of-war too :)
My favorite hang out spot? He loooove to lay by the door, or hes on my couch looking out the window ready for squirrels! :)
My favorite grub: Puppy Chow but WARNING I steal Beef JERKY & I steal toilet paper!! Any napkin or white paper is MINE!! Lol catch me if you can! ;)
My favorite treat: Peanut butter & Cheeses!!! But Im absolutely Cr@Zy about BEEF JERKY! (He digs in my purse even when its not in there!) Lol
My favorite tricks: Sit, come,or answer me, (he loves when I talk to him) he actually tries to answer!!
What I love about my owner: She does everything for me! Im spoiled!! She makes sure I get all my shots, she grooms me everyday And I get to go to PET SMART to get groomed too! :) She takes me "Bye Bye" every time I can go! And walks me everywhere! I love her bunches!!
Motto If you think your smart......well im SmartER then YOU!!
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