In Loving Memory of Rascal

Labrador Retriever | MALE | 21 YEARS OLD | Battle Creek, MI



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In Loving Memory of Rascal

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Hi! My name is In Loving Memory of Rascal. I am a Labrador Retriever from Battle Creek, MI

Nicknames: Rascal-Doo, Doober, Doobee, Bubby, Rascally
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/25/1995
Age: 21
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: My dog was the smartest dog I ever knew-you could not hide from him because he would find you, he knew if there was alcohol in the room, and he would go out to the mail box with you & bring the mail to my dad, he would bring you his leash-your coat-and your shoes if he wanted to go outside, he also knew how to add & subtract (you asked him what 1+1 was & he'd bark 2 times)
My pet peeves: the cows across the road-he hated to hear them moo because it would drive him nuts, he was also petrified of thunderstorms & loud noises, he also hated the vaccum cleaner-he always thought it was out to get him
My hobbies: he absolutely loved his balls-he had 15 of them, he loved for you to hide & for him to find you, he also loved for you to try to trick him by having maltiple rags & trying to fool him to see what ones were soaked with alcohol & what ones had other sents on them, he also loved to go for "bye-bye rides" & loved to go swimming
My favorite hang out spot? he loved to jump up on the big rock in the front yard, loved to lounge in the bathroom floor, or jump up on the couch and sleep, and when it came to bed time...he had to be right there in bed with you
My favorite grub: anything us humans eat or Come And Get It dog food
My favorite treat: he loved when my uncle would bring him treats, but he always had a variety, so he never really had 1 favorite
My favorite tricks: he was verry, verry smart and loved to do anything to please us, but he loved to sit pretty, shake & count (by barking of course), and he loved to find you if you were hideing
What I love about my owner: I spoiled him rotten-anything I thought he wanted or needed he got, and every year on his birthday & christmas, he got a wrapped up gift from me.
Motto ALL dogs go to heaven! When you get there, I'll greet you with my bark & a wagging tail.
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