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Hi! My name is HamBone. I am a Mixed Breed from Great Falls, MT

Nicknames: Scooby Doo, Bones, Mr. Blue Eyez
Birth Day, Month and Year: 2/18/2004
Age: 12
Weight: more than 100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: My "Mom" says I'm the best behaving and loyal dog that she has owned. I know a few commands- sit, stay, shake, speak. When she puts the baby gate up to keep me in a certain room, I dont even attempt to jump over it or knock it over. Even though it'd be very easy for me to do! My mom surprised me and put me in a Pet Idol 2006 contest, here is the site: https://ssl1.gmti.com/greatfalls/forms/petidol/ They will ask for my name(HamBone, in case you didnt notice it the first time) and my # which is 26. So far, I'm in the Top 25! Final winner will be announced Sept 13th. Mom is so proud!
My pet peeves: These are my pet peeves/things I dont like: Getting woken up, dirty water(He's part St. Bernard and part Akita, so he drools alot and makes a mess of his water), doesnt like his bones or toys taken away from him, the neighbor's lil dogs. One thing that kinda annoys me..anytime I get a treat/food, BEFORE even eating it, I slobber/drool like crazy!! It's like I have a faucet in my mouth that will not shut off!
My hobbies: I love playing with my toys, chewing on bones, giving kisses, running laps like a crazy dog, walks, sleeping, cuddling, getting massages, getting spoiled.
My favorite hang out spot? I like hanging out wherever my Mom is at. I do not like leaving her side, I'm very protective of her!
My favorite grub: I love my Flint River Ranch Nugget dogfood, it's so yummy and healthy! I also like when I get my occasional treat.
My favorite treat: I'm having a hard time deciding what my favorite treat is. It's not cuz I'm picky, it's because I've liked every treat that Mom has bought me. But if I have to choose, I'd say bones. They're good for keeping my teeth clean! I have big sharp teeth, so I can really grind away at the bone(My mommy said the noise is as bad as fingernails down a chalkboard).
My favorite tricks: My favorite trick is sitting and speaking(on command) for a treat. I even sit and speak for my daily multi-vitamen! (It's tasty!)
What I love about my owner: She spoils the heck out of me! She spends more money on me, than she does herself! You should see my big toy box, it's stuffed full of toys! Arf! I know nobody would take as good care of me as she does. She even lets me sleep with her everynight(she had to go buy a bigger bed though hehe) and I have my own pillow. With my size, it doesn't take much to get me hot and/or panting(especially at night)..So when we go to bed at night, she turns on a fan for me(even points it on my side of the bed!). We both cant go to bed without it. I couldn't ask for a better mommy and best friend.
Motto ~*Dontcha Wish Your Dog Was As Cute As Mine*~
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