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Star is 18, we just adopted him 17 years ago.


~* Star *~

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Hi! My name is ~* Star *~. I am a Mixed Breed from latrobe, PA

Nicknames: Star, Poochie, Starry, starry*boy, poochie bella, Poochie boy, Good dog! My Full name is Star Skipper Comet. (She gave me a middle name)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/12/1995
Age: 21
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Learning new tricks in seconds.
(DOTD: January 5th 2006))(I forgot the day lol srry)) ((DOTD June 10th 2007))

((AARD (star): I been a senior since May 12th 2002))

((GGA (Go Getter Award) May 4th- May 10th 2008 ))

(( won free club gold for a year May 5th 2008))
((AOTW (Advitar of the week) May 10- May 17th 2008))

(( DOTD again June 10th 2008)) (( GGA June 22nd - June28th )) (( Dotm 7/1 - 7/31 2008))
My pet peeves: Gloves, things that move up and down, hammers, cars, loud noises, rap music, people who are mean and people who are your friend but then once they get popular an they forget you.
My hobbies: Barking a lot is what I like to do but my bark is more like a whine. Most of the time I play expect on rainy days I like to loaf around taking naps. I might be old but I still love to play.
My favorite hang out spot? In front of the house there are 3 huge pine trees and its kind of in a circle and it gives shelter and usually every fall when it gets cold and the bugs dissapear we go in there and do fun stuff. Its like out secret club house. Other days I like to lay between the couch and the wall.
My favorite grub: I was on pedigree and it made me really red so mom switched me to Purina and it made the redness go down but I was pink and then mom put me Nurto Natural Choice and it helped me and I'm no longer red or pink but after the pet recall on nutro we might be switching we are not sure, we will see if there are anymore recalls.
My favorite treat: Carrots, Cheese, Hot dogs, frosty paws & basically anything lol. Those are just a few that I like.
My favorite tricks: Sit, Paw, Up, down, lay down, Stay, come, speak, high five, lick, get a toy. We are working on rool over but its a hard trick to learn. BOL.
What I love about my owner: Video site: youtube.com/starry8740youtube.com/friend4life8740****************************Dogster ID # 615530email adress: lizzyesloca@live.com
Motto A mixed breed is just as good as a purebred.*****************************Live each moment like it is your last, don't plan for the future because you will waste the time you have with the people around you. I learned the lesson the hard way. April 10 2010, my fiance broke up with me. After a year of love, things ended on bad terms. We were both too busy planning the future instead of living in the present. My ex has taught me so many lessons, but I think the greatest lesson I learned was to love your enemies or love those who hate you. After we broke up, he tried to hurt me every way he knew how. He said mean things, and wouldn't stop tormenting me. He spread lies. I wanted to turn bitter....never trust again but I learned that when someone you love is gone, you just keep the memories. There is always a lesson to learn from anyone you meet. I have learned to let go, and forgive. Now almost a year letter, I check up on him and I see his life is full of loneliness and misery. Missing me on selfish pride...and resentful and bitter towards everyone. Where as I am happy, I have been able to let go and not be revengeful and love again. It is always better to be nice then mean. Your life will always be better it you are happy with the simple things. Make the best of any situation, good or bad :)
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