Black Jack

Boxer | MALE | 14 YEARS OLD | DeWitt, MI



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Black Jack

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Hi! My name is Black Jack. I am a Boxer from DeWitt, MI

Nicknames: BJ, Beejerificas, Beejer, Beej, or at Easter, The Easter Beejer
Birth Day, Month and Year: 2/27/2002
Age: 14
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Black Jack may not be smart, but he really brings you up if you're down. If I'm having a rough day, Black Jack will let me cry all over him, than get me to stop wallowing by doing somthing stupid, like running into a wall or chasing his tail. I love him so much.
My pet peeves: He hates when he's chasing a cat and it goes right out of his Invisible Fence boundries. It's pretty funny to watch, though.
My hobbies: Some of them are, barking, sleeping, eating, snoring, getting photographed, meeting girl dogs (it's happened more than once), playing tug-of-war, or his favorite-FETCH! If only he could understand that he has to bring the stick back to me, not have me chase him for the next hour only to have to throw it againand repeat the cycle.
My favorite hang out spot? He likes to sit on the furniture. It doesn't matter where, as long as it is somewhere humans sit. He likes to sit on the bench on our poarch soaking up the rays and observing the goings-on. He likes to think he's a human. He even talks to us by howling and making these weird noises. I guess he's singing.
My favorite grub: Rawhide bones of pig ears. Sometimes he'll eat grass. I tell him that it's against nature for him to become a herbivore, but- NO- he just won't listen.
My favorite treat: He isn't picky. If he's never had it before, he'll eat it. You just can't repeat the same things to often with him. but, if you hold a favorite in front of his nose, he'll drool.
My favorite tricks: Black Jack, sadly, isn't smart enough to do tricks. His best trick is posing for the pictures I take, smiling, and just being cute!
What I love about my owner: Hey, Black Jack here. I love my owner because she'll do anything I want her to do if I give her my signature "I'm just a cute little puppy" look.
Motto Smartness is a sin! or You throw, I'll fetch!
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