Junior (Away for now...)

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Junior (Away for now...)

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Hi! My name is Junior (Away for now...). I am a Mixed Breed from Murrieta, CA

Nicknames: At home: Puppy, Furball, Pooch. On Dogchannel: Juni, Jr, June, and J
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/23/2004
Age: 12
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: (((Dog of the Day: August 8, 2007))) (((Dog of the Week 3rd week of August))) (((Go Getter Award 4th week of December))) (((One of the Winners of the ScrapBook Contest))) (((First Place Overall in DC's Virtual Contest))) (((First Place In Best Coat))) (((Avatar of the Week: 3rd week of May))) ((( Dog of the Month for May)))
My pet peeves: I hate taking baths and not getting food when I give good puppy eyes
My hobbies: I adore going out for walks, eating, and sleeping. I also love making new friends on Dogchannel and greeting the newcomers to Dogchannel.
My favorite hang out spot? Outside under the house, and on daddy's bed at night
My favorite grub: (If you ever need to tell me something in private, email me at: jr_lee_7710 @hotmail.com *take out the space in between 7710 and @)
My favorite treat: Any human food but the best is hotdogs and ham
My favorite tricks: Sit, shake, jump, stand, lay, and high five
What I love about my owner: Scratches me all the time, and he takes me out for long walks
Motto Hi my dear pup pal, if you are reading this I'm probably not active on DC anymore. Seeing how our schedule keeps getting more and more busy dad and I have come to the conclusion that we have to leave dogchannel for some time. Its really hard for us to leave behind so many friends, and I wish I didn‘t have to. However its come to dad’s attention that the computer is taking a lot of his time and hardly any is left for quality time with me. Like I’ve said before, dad uses the library to get on the computer, and even the trips there are tiring and long, takes about 55 mins to walk there or 25 mins on a bike. I WON'T be deleting my page because I do plan to return one day, when my dad is able to get a computer at home with the internet. We will stop occasionally to vote for our friends that are getting DOTD or DOTM. If you want to talk to us, remember that our email is up on the Favorite Grub section, you are more than welcomed to email us if you see the need to. Well pal I have to get going, it’s bye for now, ok? Hopefully I’ll see you here when I’m back! Big Big Hugs to you. ~PAWS AND BARKS FROM UR PAL JUNIOR~
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